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Football Themed Learning: Activities to go along with “Little Granny Quarterback” by Bill Martin, Jr.

This month’s featured author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Bill Martin, Jr.  Being that he has authored over 300 children books it’s pretty tricky to narrow down which one to focus on for the

Playing with Numbers: Having Fun with Math

When my son was just 5 he came up with this one on his own …. Cracker Math!  Using Ritz crackers and sliced turkey rolls, he created his own math equation.  The fun can really ADD up!  There

How Many Wheels? Counting/Math Activity

With the complete makeover of the blog, I’ve been also going over old post and drafts and found this one that I never published.  It’s perfect for this week’s number theme! Mrs. Walch, Henry’s kindergarten teacher, sent

PlayDrMom’s Favorite Number Books: Great for Early Learning Math Fun

  Well, I already posted about our favorite ABC books … I couldn’t very well leave out our favorite 123’s!!!  Here they are …   BASIC COUNTING Ten Apples Up on Top!, by Dr. Seuss (a counting

Learning about SPIDERS!!!: Love Books Summer Exchange

When the ladies from The Educators’ Spin On It stated they would be running the “Love Books” Summer Book Exchange again, I quickly signed up. The kids I and I had a great time exchanging book and

Size Relativity & Bear Hugs: Virtual Book Club for Kids featuring Jez Alborough

The featured author for this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids is Jez Alborough.  A brand new author to us.  We really enjoyed all the books we checked out of the library by him.  I loved the

All About the Alphabet: Fun with learning letters

I believe very strongly that as parents we should help make learning fun for our kids.  Finding playful ways to learn the ABCs can be a really great start.  Here’s a round up of my own alphabet

Z is for Zucchini Muffins

At the end of each school year the preschool in which my children attend has an Alphabet Party.  Each child is assigned a specific letter and needs to bring food that either begins with that letter or

Alphabet Party for Preschoolers

Our family has the definite advantage of being able to send our kids to the amazing preschool in which my awesome mom is the director.  She has made it a tradition that on the last day of

Learning About Wasps!

My seven-year-old son, Henry, had a cool homework assignment that he did an amazing job on that he wanted me to share on the blog!  So here it is! Henry’s first grade class had a homework project

Create an Alphabet Monster … letter learning fun!

I’ve been realizing that my almost 4 year old needs more work on identifying the letters in the alphabet.  I saw an idea for making an Alphabet Monster Game from Little Family Fun.  So we made our

Booking Across the USA – M is for MICHIGAN!

Booking Across the USA is a collaborative blogging project created by Growing Book By Book.  Participating bloggers are showcasing a book and activity related to their state.  All 50 states are represented!!!  Being a lifelong Michigan resident,