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20 Ways for Play Therapists to Increase the Experience of Effective Moments in Play Therapy

The following is a culmination of the results from my dissertation research, “The Therapist’s Experience of Effective Moments in Play Therapy.”  I believe it is helpful for all play therapists, beginners or veterans, to review often to remember the great influence

What a Play Therapy Room Looks Like (new office)

I am so excited that I will be starting off the new year in a brand new office.  It was time for a change … so, me and my friend/office mate (Dr Betz King), found a great new location and moved

Simple Limit Setting

A three step sequence of stating the limit, giving a warning, and enforcing the consequence can be used in a child-centered play therapy session … this simple limit setting model is also a GREAT to use CONSISTENTLY and with FOLLOW THROUGH

Play Therapy Resources: Toys, Materials, & Organizations

Constructive Playthings 800-448-4115 www.constplay.com Discovery Toys 800-341-8697 www.discoverytoysinc.com The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop 800-551-7523 www.reallygreattoys.com Oriental Trading Company 800-228-2269 www.orientaltrading.com Rhode Island Novelty 800-528-5599 www.rinovelty.com Self Esteem Shop 800-251-8336 www.selfesteemshop.com Toys of the Trade 866-461-2929 www.toysofthetrade.com Toys to Grow On

TOYS: tools of the trade

Here’s a list I complied from many play therapy resources of what toys to include in a play therapy room.  It’s also a great list for home play rooms too!  

Books on Play Therapy

Want to learn more about play therapy?  Here are some of my favorite resources … Amazon.com Widgets    Dibs: In Search of Self,   by Virginia Axline Play Therapy,  by Virginia Axline The Child’s Discovery of Himself,  by Clark Moustakas Psychotherapy

Basic Principles of Child-Centered Play Therapy (Axline)

These principles are directly quoted from Virginia Axline (1969) Play Therapy. They are the long-standing essentials of non-directive play therapy, however the word “therapist” in each statement could easily be changed to “parent” or “teacher” to help children grow to be psychological

Why Play?

Well … there’s many reasons.  And I hope this blog helps to share why it’s so important. For my first post, I want to share a bit about my foundation of belief in the power of play.  To do so, I