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An Easter Tree of My Own

Growing up my mom always decorated for every season.  I always loved (and still do) seeing the items come out of the basement for their yearly reveal.  It was like seeing old friends again … the ceramic ghost holding a pumpkin

Easter Sticker Resist Painting

In continuing our collection of sticker resist paintings for the holidays (see Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s), we HAD to do one for Easter.  Honor (my almost 3 year old daughter) still really enjoys this way to create! This time she used

Virtual Book Club for Kids: The Easter Egg, by Jan Brett

Up until this month, I never participated in a book club.   I loved the idea of joining one with the kids … where books and coinciding projects are enjoyed together, but I didn’t know about any Mommy & Me book

A Laura Craft: Springtime Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Since we moved into this house in October I’ve been having lots of fun starting to decorate, especially for the different seasons.  One of my favorite things have been to make (or find) wreaths for our front entry.  When I saw