iPhone Apps: Favorite Apps for Kids (part 2)

In just the 4 months since my last Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids post, we have already found several more that we are really enjoying.  I think you, and your kids, will enjoy them too!

Doodle Ships – (free) A simple doodle version of battleship.  My 5 year old son and I really enjoy playing this one together!  Cute graphics, too.

DinoMixer – ($0.99)  My son loves dinosaurs, so we had to try this one out.  In the app kids can mix the head, mid-section, and tail of different dinosaurs to create their own … or match dinosaur parts up to create the actual dinosaur.  It also has lots of dinosaur facts.  It’s pretty cool (but kids seem to get bored with it pretty quickly).

Math Bingo, Word Bingo, and Junior Bingo – ($0.99/each)  Another GREAT educational app.  Kids have to match/identify the correct answer in the Bingo grid and when they get a row, they win!  Parents can sign in multiple players/kids within the game, keeping scores and progress separate for each!

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo – ($0.99)   A simple and fun matching memory game for the iPhone.  I’ve been really impressed with how quickly my 2 year old picked up on this game!  One of her favorites.

Talking Carl+ –  ($0.99) This one is just plain fun and silly.  Players can poke, twist, and make Carl jump … but he also records what you say and says it back in his own silly voice.  This games would be excellent for kids with speech difficulties and/or trouble engaging with others (since it is so interactive!).  It was actually recommended by a close friend who is a school social worker.  She uses it all the time with the kiddos she works with!

Math Ninja – ($1.99)   Action packed game with the need to use math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) along the way.  My 5 year old really likes this game, although it is rated for players 9+ because of some mild fantasy violence.

Teach Me (Toddler, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade) – ($0.99/each)  This is at the TOP of our new favorites.  Very nice app designed for age/grade level to quiz kids on basic subjects (colors, letters, counting for toddlers.  math, spelling, and writing skills for the others).  Kids get to earn “stickers” when they get items correct on their first try.  Parents can sign in multiple children to have their own “account” within the app … and it even has a passcode to enable the parent to control the access to the accounts. There is even a page where parents can check the progress of their little geniuses!

Have more apps that YOU love?  Leave me a comment and post about them!

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