The ABCs of Glittering Muffins … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

This week I am VERY excited to feature another one of my favorite blogs …

My Button I love seeing all the fun projects and places Nico and his family encounter.  It’s twice as fun because Honor and Nico are close in age and I find they like a lot of the same activities!  Nico and my kids even exchanged Valentine’s this year!!!  And every time Honor sees Glittering Muffins website, she always mentions Nico’s beautiful blue eyes pictured on the site’s header!

I also really enjoy that BOTH parents are actively involved in creating this amazing blog.  So, this week I have the ABCs of BOTH Alex and Valerie …

Alex Valerie
Age 38 35
Bed (size) Queen Queen
Chore you Hate Dishes Laundry, it’s never done
Dogs? Woof! love them, but allergic
Essential start of the day Opening My Eyes a hug from Nico
Favorite Color Orange Blue
Gold or Silver? Or … Silver
Height 6 feet 5’3 3/4” (yes, the 3/4” is important!)
Instrument CD a bit of piano
Job export coordinator for a freight forwarding company Mom
Kid/s (names & ages) Nico, 2.5 yrs Nico, 2.5 yrs
Where do you Live? at home Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Favorite Movie Blues Brothers (the original) Lethal Weapons 1-4 (I know they are old but I never get to see or rent movies, so …)
Nickname Alex & Papa Val, or if you ask Nico, “Maman”
Overnight hospital stay Births (both my own and Nico’s) had enough, don’t want anymore thanks
Pet Peeve People chewing gum with an open mouth ignorance and judgmental people
favorite Quote “Yes, Nico.” “Nico, no! Yes, Nico want do you want?”
Right or left-handed? Right-handed right
Siblings? none none
Time it takes to get ready 10 minutes 10 minutes
Underwear Yep Yes
Vegetable you hate Mushrooms Beets
What makes you late? Time Nico and his refusal to cooperate
Xrays you’ve had teeth, shoulder, knees ribs, neck, feet, spine, knees, hip
Yummy food that you make Bacon spaghetti Vegetable Soup Rice
favorite Zoo animal Yes Love them and how they make Nico so happy!

Alex and Val shared links to their favorite recipes!

This is SOOO much fun!  I love this way of getting to know my favorite bloggers … and sharing it too!  Make sure to visit their blog and by sure to follow them on Facebook and Pinterest too!

And now for this week’s Kid’s Co-Op Linky …

Kids Co-op

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  1. Valerie @ Glittering Muffins

    Thanks for featuring us, it was fun to answer your questions 🙂 Love your little intro for us. And I love the format! So simple and easy to read, not cluttered, very nice! Have you tried our recipes?

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