The ABCs of Creative Playhouse … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky

This week’s feature is an amazingly beautiful and colorful blog filled with “imagination, creativity, play, experience, food, and early learning for babies and children”… Creative Playhouse.  I really love it’s presentation!  Tons of fun!!!  So, here’s the  …

The ABCs of  Katherine Lockett from:


Age 26, but I dont believe it
Bed (size) A very small double with a co-sleeper cot for Poppy, that she never sleeps in (cos she’s snuggled up to me)
Chore you Hate Mopping the floor
Dogs? Had setters growing up; would love a spaniel now! 
Essential start of the day Coffee,  cuddles with the kids, and computer catch up! 
Favorite Color purple
Gold or Silver? silver
Height 5’9”
Instrument my voice!
Job SAHM, business owner (online community & retail site) and blogger!
Kids Jake – 2.5 years; intense, beautiful, bright little boy
Poppy – 2.5 months; sweet, gorgeous, smiley little girl
Where do youLive? Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
Favorite Movie Moulin Rouge, Girl, Interrupted and Serendipity
Nickname Kat or KJ
Overnight hospital stay Dreadful things! 
Pet Peeve ignorance!
favorite Quote Do unto others as you would have them do to you
Right or left-handed? right
Siblings? Older sister, older brother, 2 step sisters
Time it takes to get ready me? 10 minutes (20 if showering). me and the kids? at least an hour, maybe 2… 
Underwear very unsexy at the moment!
Vegetable you hate turnip
What makes you late? breastfeeding, facebook!
Xrays you’ve had chest and arm
Yummy food that you make cupcakes, roast dinners, egg fried rice
favorite Zoo animal wild cats

Katherine also did a fabulous post that closely ties in … the ABCs of Creative Playhouse that outlines (using the ABCs!) ways to play and learn!  HOW FUN!!!

And now for this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky …
The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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  1. Susan Case

    That has to be the cutest photo ever – falling asleep from having just too much fun. Adorable.

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