The ABCs of Playdough to Plato … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

If you are looking for fun ways to encourage your kids to learn to read, then this week’s ABCs feature should be one blog that you need to follow.  Playdough to Plato has tons of wonderful ideas to help kids learn to read.  The site is excellently organized so that you can easily find information for the age group and/or subject you’d like.

The ABCs of Playdough to Plato

Age 31
Beverage of Choice Water
Chore you Hate Folding laundry
Daily Routine Get up early and play with my boys
Essential start of the day Chai tea
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Game Skipbo
Height 5 feet 5 inches
favorite Ice Cream flavor Mint chocolate chip
Beloved piece of Jewelry My wedding ring
Kids (names & ages) C (age 2.5) and G (age 1)
Where do you Live Washington State, USA
Favorite Movie “Love Actually”
Nickname Mommy is the one I love most
Occupation SAHM and former kindergarten teacher
Pet Peeve People who weave in and out of traffic
favorite Quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings None
Time it takes to get ready 30 seconds most days and 20 minutes on date nights
Unusual Fact I have traveled in every continent except Antarctica.
Best Vacation Gimmelwald, Switzerland
What makes you late Getting my children ready too
Xrays you’ve had I broke my foot when I was 13.
Yummy food that you make My lasagna is a big hit.
favorite Zoo animal Monkey.

And now for this week’s Kids Co-Op linky!
The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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