The ABCs of House of Burke .. and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

Today I’m featuring Blayne from House of Burke.  She’s a sweet mama of one adorable little boy.  Her blog is filled with capturing the precious moments as he begins to discover the world.

The ABCs of House of Burke


The House of Burke

Age 24
Beverage of Choice Water (love it!)
something you’d like to Change in your Life Financial stability and more time together as a family .. if the first one changed, than the second would also!
favorite Diversion Playing with my baby – i love crawling around the house exploring with him and just watching the world through his eyes. It’s amazing!
Essential start of the day My little man wakes up at 5, so we get ready and leave for our daily 5 mile walk!
Favorite Color Yellow and Blue
Favorite Game Oh goodness, I can’t pick one! Apples to Apples, Mad Gab, Texas Hold ‘Em and about a million others!
Height 5 ft.
favorite Ice Cream flavor Raspberry Chocolate Chip (Pistachio is a close second!)
Beloved piece of Jewelry My “Kingston” necklace which was a gift my husband gave me after our son was born and my engagement ring
Kids (names & ages) Kingston – 10 months
Where do you Live New England
Favorite Movie(s) The Help, Pitch Perfect, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, all of the Harry Potters
Nickname Babe (to hubby), Doodles (to my Dad)
Occupation Stay at Home Mama / Blogger
a weird thing in your Purse/bag a snack cup filled with sand from Kingston’s first trip to the beach!
favorite Quote No one else will ever know, the strength of my LOVE for you. After all you’re the only one who knows what my HEART sounds like from the inside.
Right or left-handed leftie
Siblings One older sister, Lacey. She is AMAZING!
Time it takes to get ready depending upon what the baby is up too, 20-25 minutes
Unusual Fact I own thousands of childrens books. I still find excuses to get more. You truly can never have too many!
Best Vacation Our two week honeymoon to Disney. We stayed during the Food & Wine Festival. I am a super scheduler when on vacation so each day was planned to the max with meal reservations, show times, and tons of fun. We had the time of our life! It was pure magic!
What makes you late I would say forgetting things! Both hubby and I are ALWAYS forgetting something since having Kingston! He comes with A LOT of travel necessities.
Xrays you’ve had Hmm I feel like I’ve had a bunch – stomach, back, dental etc.
Yummy food that you make Homemade clam chowder, fettucini alfredo, fresh baked bread, creamy chicken marsala. When I cook for others, I always make super fattening and delicious concoctions. I am just now attempting to revamp everyone’s favorites to make them more health conscious and waist-line friendly!
favorite Zoo animal Pre-Kingston I would have said giraffes and elephants, now I would have to say birds and bears because I love watching his interaction and excitement over them!
And now …

The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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  1. tricia

    good for you! getting out to walk at 5 am with baby! wow! great interview….the xray question had me laughing! no one has ever asked me that before but I realized it is a great question! ha!
    tricia recently posted…There Once Was A Gator Named Tasha….My Profile

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