The Three Little Kittens LOST their ALPHABET MITTENS: Virtual Book Club for Kids featuring Paul Galdone

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring books by Paul Galdone.  He is known for creatively illustrating many classic children’s tales and rhymes such as The Three Bill Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Red Hen, etc.


"naughty kittens"

The book we choose to create some activities for was The Three Little Kittens.  This has always been one of my favorite nursery rhymes … probably because I really enjoyed the way my mom read it to me when I was a child.  I loved the way she used different inflections in her voice to show the emotion and remember it fondly to this day. Therefore, I gravitated toward that book for this month’s Virtual Book Club so I could share my love for the rhyme with my own daughter.

The Three Little Kittens LOST their alphabet mittens … playful learning activities from PlayDrMom

For these activities I cut out 26 pairs of mittens (52 total) out of card stock paper and on each pair I wrote out the uppercase letter on one mitten and the lowercase letter on other … creating 26 pairs of Alphabet Mittens!  

26 Pairs of Alphabet Mittens

After reading the story with my four-year old daughter, I showed her the pairs of mittens and then we had fun with several different ways to play and learn with the Alphabet Mittens:

 The Three Little Kittens LOST their Alphabet Mittens in the Sensory Bin

I hid them in a sensory bin I had created and asked my daughter to identify the letters as she found them in the bin. (This particular bin has thistle seed and some gems, but any dry sensory bin would work great)

finding the alphabet mittens in a sensory bin

Hide and Go Seek Alphabet Mittens

My daughter and I took turns hiding the alphabet mittens around the house and the other would go and find the missing mittens.  After we believed we found them all, we would come back to the table and line them up in alphabetical order to see if any were still missing!

hide and go seek alphabet mittens

Hanging them Out to Dry

Just as the kittens do in the story, we hung up our mittens.  With each Alphabet Mitten my daughter hung up on our makeshift “clothesline” with a clothespin I would have her identify the letter.  This was also a great fine-motor skill strengthening  exercise.  (and could also be a great way to work on spelling or sight words!)

Hanging Them UP to dry


Other ways you could use the Alphabet Mittens:

  • Practice spelling words or one’s name
  • Play a game of Memory to find the lower and upper case matches
  • Play Go Fish! using the Upper and lower case pairs
  • Take them to a nature center or park and have the child find them in alphabetical order along a trail like a scavenger hunt.

Instead of ALPHABET MITTENS, you could also make:

  • Color mittens
  • Number mittens (to identify numbers or to mix and match for addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts)
  • Shape mittens
  • Spelling, Sight, or Vocabulary Word mittens

Now let’s check out what other great activities the Virtual Book Club for Kids came up with to go along with books by Paul Galdone!

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  1. Jodie @ Growing Book by Book

    Love the mitten match!

  2. Laura

    This is such a lovely activity! Thanks for the great idea: we might try the shape mittens. I love the picture of her with the sensory bin! <3
    Laura recently posted…13 Valentine’s Activities for Toddlers. Colors and sizes.My Profile

  3. Carrie

    What a great activity to go with a classic story! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!
    Carrie recently posted…Dreaming of Hawaii with Pu’ili, Hawaiian Rhythm Sticks, Music and StoriesMy Profile

  4. Paul Barnes

    What a wonderful activity!! Thanks for the idea!

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