The ABCs of Danya Banya …. and This Week’s Kids Co-Op

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Danya Banya just looks like fun!  When I visit this blog, it makes me smile to see the awesome things this Aussie mom blogger is doing with her 2 daughters.  The blog is “about everything and nothing”, but mainly focused on playing, creating, laughing, and loving.  I think her Toilet Paper Roll Dolls are super cute … and LOVE her Emo Santa.  So, here are …

 The ABCs of

Danya Banya Button (Oct 13)_p

Age 36 (Woah – I had to think about this one for a second!)
Beverage of Choice “Juice Water” which is heavily diluted cranberry juice.
something you’d like to Change in your Life I’d love to be able to live abroad again, and let the kids experience another culture. Perhaps when they are a little older and are both toilet trained. 🙂
favorite Diversion Playing or crafting with the kids during the day, Candy Crush or Instagram surfing when I’m sitting in the dark waiting for the kids to go to sleep and blogging in the evening when I have some uninterrupted ‘me’ time.
Essential start of the day Putting in my contact lenses. The world is much foggier without them. 🙂
Favorite Color Yellow – it’s so bright and happy. 🙂
Favorite Game I love playing boardgames with friends. Any game will do, but I’m quite partial to Puerto Rico, Uno, Poker and 500.
Height 166cm.
favorite Ice Cream flavor I know that Vanilla equates to boring, but really it is such a great base flavour. I’m also partial to a bit of hokey pokey.
Beloved piece of Jewelry Alas all my jewellery was stolen a few years ago, including my engagement ring, my wedding ring and most special of all, my great great grandmothers wedding ring. I miss this last one most of all.
Kids (names & ages) JJ (3.5 years) and Bee (15 months)
Where do you Live Sydney, Australia
Favorite Movie(s) I watched Anne of Green Gables so many times as a child that I can recite it.
Nickname Danya Banya! (Because Banya isn’t really my surname).
Occupation Right now, I’m a professional Stay-At-Home-Mum and amateur blogger. I may go back to corporate sales at some point, but we’ll see…
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Oh goodness, you could find anything and everything in there. At the moment there is a bubble wand, stickers, a couple of packets of sultanas and half a loaf of wholemeal strawberry bread that I baked this morning, wrapped in an old teatowel.
favorite Quote “Nudie Schmudie. I don’t give a sh*t as long as everyone drops their dacks.” Mr Banya
Right or left-handed Right-handed.
Siblings I have an older brother – he’s the one who first gave me the nickname Danya Banya.
Time it takes to get ready About 10 minutes longer than what I have allocated!
Unusual Fact Ummm. Apparently ants can survive in the microwave as they are small enough to dodge the rays. But I haven’t actually tried this one out for myself!
Best Vacation Mr Banya and I took a year’s sabbatical and spent it driving around US, Canada and Mexico for 9 months, followed by 3 months skiing in Tahoe. It was amazeballs. I can’t wait to take the kids campervanning when they are old enough to not need car seats!
What makes you late When JJ doesn’t want to go somewhere, she is a master at throwing up diversions. “I can’t go yet, I’m still playing… I don’t want to wear this dress anymore… I can’t find my shoes… I just have to go to the toilet first Mummy…”
Xrays you’ve had Umm, not too many! Do dental Xrays count? Oh and I had my elbow Xrayed once, to check for shards of glass after I accidentally had a fight with a window.
Yummy food that you make I make wholemeal banana pancakes for breakfast about once a fortnight. Yum! (Easy recipe here;
favorite Zoo animal We go to the zoo about once a fortnight; I am a bit animal obsessed. I love it when the tiger cubs play in the rain.

And now …

Kids Co  op

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