The ABCs of My Little 3 and Me … and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

(This post is part of my “ABCs of” feature series where I highlight one blogger a week by sharing fun facts about them A-Z!  Click here for the rest of the posts in the series!)

 This week I’m featuring Emma, the British blogger mum behind My Little 3 and Me.  She brings her experience as a primary school teacher and parent … as well as some very special skills (such as British Sign Language and Cued Speech) she learned due to her youngest son’s disabilities  … to her blog posts.  Emma is “passionate about using crafts and creativity to inspire and promote learning, communication, play and FUN across the age ranges”.  With spring just around the corner, you might want to check out her Rainbow Mobile (so cute!).  Here are …

 The ABCs of My Little 3 and Me

Emma - My Little 3 and Me

Age 44. Yikes that’s crept up on me!
Beverage of Choice I have one cup of strong, sweet coffee in the morning which I love and the rest of the time I just drink hot water.
something you’d like to Change in your Life I would love to get out of the city and live in the countryside.
favorite Diversion Pinterest. I could happily lose hours on there.
Essential start of the day Ten minutes of quiet with my coffee. I set my alarm early so I can squeeze I in before the kiddies wake up.
Favorite Color Hmmm, tricky! I do wear quite a bit of blue and black but I love bright colours around the house too.
Favorite Game I’m not sure I have a favourite game realy. I’ll happily play pretty much anything! For me it’s about who I’m playing with that counts.
Height 166cms I think, but at my age I may well be shrinking now!
favorite Ice Cream flavor Butter pecan is my favourite ice cream. I am nutty about nuts.
Beloved piece of Jewelry I don’t really wear jewellery, it gets in the way and I always end up ruining it covering it with paint or glue.
Kids (names & ages) 3 children who are nick named for the blog, Cupcake 22, Biscuit 10 and Crumb 8.
Where do you Live East midlands UK.
Favorite Movie(s) Gosh, that’s tricky too. My favourite children’s films are Despicable Me and Up, although Up always makes me cry! My favourite adult film is Casino Royale, I think Daniiel Craig could be a contributing factor there. *cough*.
Nickname Generally I’m known as Em, but as a child it was Emmy Poo!
Occupation I’m a primary school teacher but have now ventured into training Early Years Practitioners and working with pre-schoolers and their carers to promote confident communication.
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Googly eyes and bluetack. It goes with me everywhere in case the kiddies want to googly eye-bomb something!
favorite Quote I really don’t have one. I don’t seem to have the memory for things like that. I’m the same with jokes. I’ll hear/read quotes and jokes that I think are great at the time but I can’t remember them for toffee.
Right or left-handed Right-handed but I carry my bag and speak on the phone as if I were left handed for some reason.
Siblings I have an older brother and a younger brother and sister.
Time it takes to get ready Half an hour. I have to factor in a private 10 minutes with my coffee, a shower and time to tame my unruly mop.
Unusual Fact My youngest son was born profoundly deaf so I’ve studied BSL to level 3 and was a Cued Speech tutor for a while too.
Best Vacation My favourite holiday destination is Robin Hood’s Bay, a tiny fishing village on the Yorkshire coast. I’ve had so many fantastic family holidays there spending hours hunting for fossils and poking about in rock pools.
What makes you late Generally I’m not too bad. If I am held up it tends to be that I’ve lost time on social media. The perils of blogging!
Xrays you’ve had Chest, pelvis, ankle, foot. I’ve been a bit accident prone.
Yummy food that you make My children will say it’s my lasagne, carbonara and cakes.
favorite Zoo animal I think it would have to be the primates.

And now for …

Kids Co  op

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