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Angry Bird Ornaments!

If you haven’t been following along, my son is an avid Angry Birds fan.  He’s made videos, paintings, and even dressed as the red bird for Halloween. So, having a Angry Bird themed Christmas tree for his room seemed to just

DIY Simple Barrette Organizer

I remember growing up having a wonderful collection of ribbons and barrettes.  The barrettes were always proudly displayed hanging on a pastel rainbow ribbon on the back of the bathroom door.  And, now that my own daughter is starting her own

Creating a Cuckoo Clock (and Bird) Costume

Thanks to an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland … where Mickey & Donald chase after a runaway cuckoo bird), Honor has been quite interested in cuckoo clocks.  Also, one of her favorite songs is “Tick tock tick

DIY Light Box

I LOVED this simple idea from  light box | happy hooligans, so I had to try it out. My dear hubby found the light (and got 2) on one of his many trips to Home Depot.  And I found a simple plastic