A Playful End-of-the-Year Thank You Gift for Teachers

Thanks to Pinterest (see paragraph at the end of the post!) I found a playful, yummy, and useful way to thank my kids’ teachers for being such a important part of their lives this year.  Here’s the gift we put together for each of the 5 teachers.  A beach bucket filled with candy and teacher supplies … with each item representing an aspect of why we are so thankful.

Here’s the letter that will be signed by my kids and included in the bucket …

I SKORed big when I got you for a teacher this year. Don’t SNICKER, but I think you’re FANTA-stic! I’d be a NERD if I didn’t thank you for helping me put PIECES of knowledge together. You are MOUNDS of fun and you have brought me so much JOY. I think you ROCK and are definitely a CUT above the rest. Thanks BEARY much for always being so JOLLY and for helping me become so SMART and SHARP. Teachers like you are worth a MINT. You are Mighty & Magnificent and made this such a COLORFUL year. Thank you STICKING by me and for helping quench my THIRST for learning. I hope you have a KOOL and SMOOTH summer!

On the back of the poem, I copied this key …

SKOR = candy bar
SNICKER = Snickers bar
FANTA-STIC = Fanta orange soda
NERD = Nerd Candy
PIECES = Reese’s Pieces
MOUNDS = candy bar
JOY = Almond Joy candy bar
ROCK = PopRocks
CUT = Scissors
BEARY = gummy bears
JOLLY = Jolly Rancher candy
SMART = smarties candy
SHARP = sharpie marker
MINT = Peppermint Patty
Mighty & Magnificent = M&M candies
COLORFUL = crayons
STICKING = post-it notes
THRIST = insulated cup
KOOL = Kool Aid
SMOOTH = lotion

I find SO much inspiration from Pinterest and this gift is no exception.  The basis of the idea was from a Candy Gram Pail post from Simply Savvy.  Then … I also used other ideas that I found (also on Pinterest) to add in … such as “FANTA-stic teacher” from 4 Men 1 Lady, “smarties & sharpies” from Little Pumpkin Grace, “cut-above the rest” scissors from Skip to My Lou,  “Kool summer” from Classroom DIY!, adapted “smooth” year from Oops, I Craft My Pants (yes, you just read that correctly!)!  Thank you ALL!

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  1. Susan Case

    haha – the teacher will LOVE it. I never met a teacher yet who didn’t crave chocolate. Teachers will need those sugar rushes as the end nears.

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