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A Round-Up of Fairy Party Ideas!

The International Fairy Tea Party is tomorrow!  So I’ve been busy rounding up lots of different fairy related posts.  This post highlights different posts of fairy party ideas …  1.  A Fairy Birthday Party from The Imagination Tree 2.  A Blossom Fairy Party from you

Honor’s Princess Party

My daughter, Honor has a great love for EVERYthing princess!  So, it was no contest to decide what theme her 3rd birthday party would be.  I had such a fun time planning this joyful event! The Invitations I was thinking about

making & using … A Sticker Countdown Board

If you know my daughter Honor, or have even seen the photos of her on this blog, you know that she is usually dressed in princess garb.  On rare occasions she will just wear play clothes, but more often than not

10 Ways to Make a Kid’s Birthday Special (other than a party)

Having a fun kids party for a birthday is wonderful … and probably something a child will remember for many, many years.  (I was fortunate to have parents that allowed me a party every year … and I’m sure I’ll do