Honor’s Princess Party

My daughter, Honor has a great love for EVERYthing princess!  So, it was no contest to decide what theme her 3rd birthday party would be.  I had such a fun time planning this joyful event!

The Invitations

I was thinking about custom making the invites, but the fact that Honor had been begging for these invites for about six months (see countdown post) reminded me that it is HER party. ;0)

The Decorations

I tried to keep it pretty simple, but added in some fun handmade details.

I got an idea to make Crown Chair Toppers from a pin from this site.  I refuse to use a sewing machine, so my mom cut and sewed pink felt together to make these.

I did the fun part and added on the BLING!

I used some of the extra gems to decorate the table …

I had Honor decorate a favor bag for each Princess attending the party.  We used pink bags and sparkly foam stickers.  The princess party favors came in a package deal from Party City.


The favor bags doubled for place markers at the table.

The Food

I kept the food simple too.  We served kid-friendly tea sandwiches (pbj, cream cheese & jam, and cheese and crackers).  To identify the sandwiches Honor and I made food place card crowns.  We used toilet paper tubes that I cut into crowns and she painted them by rolling them in tempera paint.

Princess Honor had no shortage of cakes at this royal tea party!  She requested 3 different cakes!  I made strawberry cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting and star sprinkles.  My mom made her a beautiful pink castle cake.

 We also got her a “princess cake” that she had been eyeing at the grocery store for MONTHS.

She waited for SO long … how could I stop her when she started to do this …


I didn’t want anything too elaborate or competitive for party games.  When searching in Pinterest, I found a wonderful idea from “Mom with a Lesson Plan” for a fun princess game where the kids look for Cinderella’s lost slipper.  It ended up being the PERFECT game for this party.  I hid one of my old shoes from a wedding I was in and then showed its match to the kids so that they would know where to look.  They loved it so much we played it a few times during the party!

For my son’s sixth birthday a couple of months ago, we got a Mario Kart pull-string pinata.  It was SUCH a big hit that I knew we needed to get this Princess Castle Pinata for Honor’s party!

A Craft

I also had a small simple craft for the kids to do … decorate cardstock cut-out crowns with gems.  This ended up being a big hit!


It truly was a magical day.  Splendid weather for a party.  

Surrounded by loved ones and friends.  

A perfect party for my princess!


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  1. Valerie @ Glittering Muffins

    Reads like a great party, she’s a lucky little one 🙂 (Love her dress!)

  2. Laura

    Thanks ‘ol pal!

  3. TsLamb

    It was lots of fun! Just the right amount of games, bling and tea sandwiches!

  4. Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan

    What a beautiful party. I bet she loved every minute! Thank you for the link.

  5. Susan Case

    She is truly a princess. Gorgeous party. You are so talented! LOVE the hats.

  6. crystal@growingajeweledrose

    What a fantastic party! Love it!

  7. Amy Franke

    Great ideas – looking forward to using these for Keira’s 4th birthday party!

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