Here are 5 Scavenger Hunts to enjoy with your kids!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

We tried this one out that “Hands On: As We Grow” designed. It was a nice short one for my 5 year old son to complete quickly one night after dinner. Great for small kids!

“While-You-Wait” Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Find something that you can see that starts with each letter of the alphabet in alphabetic order (i.e. Artwork, Book, Computer, Desk, Ear, etc…) Participants (kids & adults) can take turns OR everyone can work as a team. I came up with this one when we were UN-fashionably early to a lunch get-together. It worked great to keep the kids occupied while sitting in the car for 15 minutes! (VARIATION: To make it even trickier, you can also make it a memory game … each time you add a new letter you also have to remember and state each of the previous items!)

Color Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers

Go through each color, one at a time, and have the toddler point out and say the name of an object of that color. I’ve been using this one a lot since my 2 year old is having a hard time learning her colors!

Colors Photo Scavenger Hunt

I got this idea from:

We tried this one out at one of our local parks. Henry had a great time seeing how fast he could get a picture of all the colors. Look at what he came up with …

Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have the child photograph one thing at a time for each letter of the alphabet.  Henry had tons of fun with this over several days!  It really ended up being fun for the whole family.  We may even make an alphabet book from his pictures!  Just check it out (hover the mouse over the photo to see the title of each picture!)!

What can you find???

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