Enchanting PlaySilks: Product Review for Sarah’s Silks

One of my favorite memories playing as a child was with a drawer filled with silk scarves that my mom had.  I loved the colors, the patterns, how they felt in my hands, the almost weightless quality.  And they could be ANYTHING … a cape, a hat, a blanket, a dance partner, a backdrop for a pretend world.  So, when Sarah (creator of Sarah’s Silks) contacted me about review her PlaySilks I was ECSTATIC!


She sent 3 beautiful products.  One pink PlaySilk.  One Rainbow Enchanted PlaySilk.  And a larger Sea Silk Scape.  They were an instant hit with my daughter.  Each silk was very well made, super soft, and beautifully dyed.  Just look at what she came up with as how to play with them …

dressing up in Sarah's Silks

pretending with Sarah's PlaySilks

playing with Sarah's SilksShe used them to dress up … a head scarf and cape.  She used them as a background playscape for her princesses to swim in the sea under a rainbow.  She used them to dance and run around the yard … singing “Let it Go” at the top of her lungs as she pretended to Elsa from “Frozen”.

a playsilk in every colorThese products are also PERFECT to use in a play therapy room.  They take up little room … and can be ANYTHING the child wants them to be …

  • WEAR … as a cape, a skirt, a veil
  • USE … as a wall for a fort, a curtain for a puppet show, a place to hide
  • MAKE … it be a sling for a doll, a pouch, a background for play

The PlaySilks are just PERFECT for child centered play therapy.

Review of Sarah's Silks

I highly you suggest checking out the website, she has a TON of OTHER amazing products, such as costumes, canopies, wands, etc.  “Simply beautiful toys that will inspire fun and imagination.”

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