Snowman Glyph

My son, Henry’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Walch, comes up with AMAZING projects/assignments/activities for both at school and for “homework”.  Each month she assigns a family project; and this month the assignment was to make a Snowman Glyph.  I had never even heard of a “Glyph” before … so it intrigued me from the beginning.

As I learned from the assignment, “A glyph is a combination of hieroglyphics and graphing.”  A legend is used to share the information.  We were to make a snowman, any way we wished … but the details would share information about each student.  Here’s the legend:

  • Head covering:  ear muffs=girl, ski cap=boy
  • Mouth:  “on a cold day, I’d rather …” dotted mouth=drink hot chocolate, smile=eat soup, squiggly mouth=have something else
  • Mittens/gloves: “In winter, I’d rather …” wear mittens=mittens, wear gloves=gloves
  • Boots: “In winter, I’d rather …” purple=go sledding, red=build forts, blue=throw snowballs
  • Buttons:  “I like to drink hot chocolate with …” triangles=with marshmallows, circle=without marshmallows, square=”I don’t like hot chocolate.”
  • Scarf: “Winter is…” solid=my favorite season, striped=not my favorite season
  • Broom/shovel: broom=I like snow, Shovel=I don’t like snow

Here is Henry’s snowman …

Henry chose to use giant marshmallows to create his snowman. We collaborated on what objects would be used to for the other details.  With my help, he used the hot glue gun to adhere the pieces, putting the whole snowman on a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil.

  • The hat was made from a finger from a glove that was too small.
  • googly eyes
  • a real carrot nose
  • dotted mouth with marker
  • felt scarf
  • triangle buttons drawn with marker
  • toothpick arms
  • felt gloves
  • blue craft foam boots
  • craft craft broom

And, OOoo, the possibilities to using glyphs in projects.  Gingerbread men, robots, pirates, princesses, animals, houses, buildings … endless possibilities.  It could used to help kids understand themselves and others better (like do one about someone else)… or they could practice or test their knowledge on any subject … but be able to answer and apply that knowledge in such a creative, visual, hands on way!

I think we might have more of these planned in the future.  Please let me know if you’d done one and post your link below!  I’d love to see them!

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  1. maryanne @ mama smiles

    This is amazing!!! What a great kindergarten teacher!

    Your snowman looks great, too =)

  2. Laura


  3. Shar Wickens

    Great job Henry! I would love to have Mrs. Walsh at my school!

  4. OneMommy

    How cute! I’d never heard of a glyph before either…
    Stopping by from the Mom Loop!

  5. Laura

    Thanks for stopping by!

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