ABCs of Rainbows Within Reach (feature) … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky

Since this is the beginning of hosting a weekly linky (see last week’s post), I wanted to do something fun to recognize one special blog/blogger that “linked up” in the previous week.  I remembered how fun it was to share the ABCs of Me (a post at the beginning of this calendar year) to introduce myself to those reading the blog.

Therefore, as part of posting the weekly Kids Co-Op Linky, I will giving you the ABCs of the featured blog/blogger of the week.  And, I am so excited to present the ABCs of …


Age: 55 years old

Bed Size: Queen sized

Chore that you hate: It would be a ‘chore’ if I were to cook – or make anything in the kitchen for that matter. Since I am a ‘diva’ my husband does all of the cooking. LOL He’s much better at it than I ever could imagine.

Dogs: Once upon a time we had a dog named Woodie.

Essential start to the day: Brief run thru internet connections: blog, email, pinterest, blogging friends groups. I don’t do coffee. I do internet.

Favorite color: Yellow

Gold or silver: Gold

Height: 5’6”

Instrument you play: guitar + piano

Job: “Music-Lady” Writing + singing songs! Visiting schools. Talking to teachers about music + movement. “Author/Illustrator” – turning my songs into picture books….. sharing that process with children. Blogging about my travels and sharing my visits. Making connections.

Kids: Two daughters: Sarah 28 mommy to 3 of our grand-children. Our youngest is daughter Noelle is 27. I also have 2 step-sons Brian, 38, daddy to 4 more of our grand-children and Sean 35.

Where do you Live?: Very complicated! LOL. We have a little haven in the summer way up in northern WI, along the glorious waters of Green Bay in a little village called Sister Bay which is in the amazing coastal area known as Door County. We then segway back thru Ohio which has been home for decades in the fall where I sing + dance with all sorts of friends on our way to our snowbird season in FL. Rinse and Repeat in reverse as we head north in the spring.

Favorite Movie: “Groundhog Day” for laughing, “Nell” for amazing

Nickname  “Music Lady”

Overnight hospital stay: Having my babies way-back-when. Two years ago I had an overnight stay for my Breast Cancer surgery. I am a two time survivor of early stage Breast Cancer. Just about ready to celebrate my fifth year of the first diagnosis!!! Give me a whoop-whoooop!!!

Pet Peeve: People who smoke. I am very short-tempered with people who smoke in public settings. I am down-right rude if someone’s smoking near children.

Quote: Inspirational: “I am a little pencil, in the hands of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” (Mother Theresa) but for encouragement: “If you can’t sing good sing loud!” “When you’re going thru hell keep going.” And finally, “when all else fails, lower your expectations.” And one final reminder: “You can’t saw sawdust.”

Right or left handed: Rightie

Siblings: two brothers and one sister

Time it takes you to get ready: 10 minutes if I’m headed to workout. 45 minutes if I’m headed to school or a conference (if I’m organized ahead of time!)

Underwear: clean!!!!! Everyday!

Vegetable you hate: Brussels sprouts

What makes you run late: looking for my camera or phone

X-rays you’ve had: various body parts having to do with cancer regimen

Yummy food that you make: pumpkin pie

Zoo animal: “Tall Giraffe”

Fun, huh?  Make sure to visit Debbie’s blog, Rainbows Within Reach!   She has really cool and fun projects like this one …

 And don’t forget join up with this week’s Kids Co-Op linky  … and maybe I’ll feature YOU next week!

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