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Seems like some people are really enjoying my series highlighting great blogs by giving you the “ABCs” of the ladies behind the blogs!  (yay!)  This week I’m happy to share  a recently new find for me … she commented on my ABC post last week … and I love her blog.  So, here are the ABCs of Pauline from Lessons Learnt Journal.

Age – 25 (since 2006).

Bed Size – Queen; ( but had I known the amount of space kids take up in the mornings when they sneak in, I would have invested in a King).

Chore that you hate – Ironing MOUNTAINS of business shirts.

Dogs – Love them, but don’t have a large enough garden for one.

Essential start to the day – The crescendo of children’s voices; (that’s a nice way to say the kids are getting crazy). The crescendo is “essential” as it is the only way to get me out of bed these days.

Favorite color – Baby blue (or perhaps my palette has been brainwashed since having three boys).

Gold or silver – White gold.

Height – Vertically challenged.

Instrument you play – I can play the piano. Cello and singing lessons were had, but I can’t play the cello or sing for the life of me – (unless there’s a Sing Star comp, then it’s game on!).

Job – Stay at home mum and Primary School Teacher on maternity leave. (And in what seems like a previous life now, Business Development Co-ordinator and Superannuation Fund Administrator).

Kids – Fraternal twins N & M born May 2008; “Baby boy” E born June 2010; “Darling Daughter” K born November 2011.

Where do you Live? – Sydney, Australia.

Favourite Movie – This is cheating, as it’s a mini series, but BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, (yes ladies‚ the one with Colin Firth ;P). Sigh, if only I had the time and wasn’t surrounded by boys and a husband who are obsessed with comic heroes.

Nickname – Just asked my husband and we had a good laugh about this one. Better leave it at that.

Overnight hospital stay – Much more than I would have liked during my twin pregnancy, but all ended well with two healthy twin boys.

Pet Peeve – Double negatives in sentences.

Quote – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” – John 3:16.

Right or left handed – Right.

Siblings – 1 younger brother.

Time it takes you to get ready – If by ready you mean dressed in comfy clothes, no make up, hair tied back, then 5 minutes. If more is required, who knows, it’s been awhile.

Underwear – If I had a dollar for every time I tell my boys to put some on, I would be very, very rich.

Vegetable you hate – Ladies fingers. Everything about that vegetable is wrong.

What makes you run late – Kids. Four of them under four to be exact.

Xrays you’ve had – one (with a rather embarassing story).

Yummy food that you make – Husband replied “anything”. Bless.

Zoo animal – Baby pandas. So. Cute.

I encourage you to check out the Lessons Learnt Journal … as well as the great blog posts included in this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky.  We’d love you to join in too … make sure you grab the button to include on your post and/or blog!

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