The ABCs of Make Do & Friend … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

One thing I LOVE about being in a community of “mom bloggers” is the amazing support I receive from people all over the world.  Charlotte, the blogger behind Make Do & Friend, is one of those that are always supporting me with helpful and kind comments.  I really appreciate her feedback … especially when I think her blog and ideas are SO wonderful.  Therefore, I’m super-psyched to feature …

The ABCs of …

Age 25 – I always say ‘twentysomething’ when I’m out and about though, I think people assume I’m older, either that or motherhood has just aged me!
Bed (size) I don’t know this one! We co-sleep so it’s more like 35% Daddy, 60% Vinnie and 5% teeny tiny corner with no blanket for me!
Chore you Hate Washing up. It’s the absolute worst thing ever!
Dogs? I don’t mind them, but what I don’t like is ‘dog people’ – when they compare having a puppy to having a kid, that gets on my nerves!
Essential start of the day Cuddle, coffee, multivitamin, stretch (and a feel-good mantra for days when I think I’ll need it)
Favorite Color Bright sparkly blue
Gold or Silver? Definitely silver
Height 5″7
Instrument I used to play drums back in my teenage years. I wanted to start a Riot Grrl revival. Now I’d settle for a nice piano!
Kids (names & ages) Vincent 31 months
Where do you Live? London, UK
Favorite Movie Tough one, I haven’t watched anything but kid’s films in soo long! I love French films: 8 women, Amelie, Heartbreaker, Girl with a Cigarette on a Bridge
Nickname My other half calls me ‘Bear’ – mostly in public, almost entirely to make me blush
Overnight hospital stay Vinnie was born a 2am so I got to eat breakfast in the hospital – we left at lunchtime that day
Pet Peeve People who talk without thinking
favorite Quote I have so many. Lately I like ‘It’s a happy talent to know how to play’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Right or left-handed? Right
Siblings? Yep, quite a few step-sisters and half-brothers
Time it takes to get ready Minutes. Eyeliner, lipgloss, scrunch of the hair and a pout!
Underwear Not very flattering these days!
Vegetable you hate I’m not keen on sprouts, but I think that’s because I’ve never worked out a decent way to cook them
What makes you late? Two and half year olds
Xrays you’ve had On my chest about 4 weeks ago – I had pneumonia
Yummy food that you make Everything I make is yummy! Today we’ve enjoyed Peanut Butter Houmous and a triple layered Devil’s Food Cake (not together though)
favorite Zoo animal Giraffes – they’re so graceful

And now, this week’s Kids Co-Op Weekly …

Kids Co-op

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