ABCs of Montessori Tidbits … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky

If you are a homeschooler, lover of Montessori learning, teacher, or parent looking for new and playful ways to help children learn … you NEED to check out and follow this week’s feature … Leann Warren, blogger behind Montessori Tidbits.  “One boy. One mama.  Together gaining bits of knowledge.”

The ABCs of 

Age 37
Bed (size) Queen
Chore you Hate Vacuuming and dusting
Dogs? 2 Golden retriever/lab mixes
Essential start of the day Waking up with my son in bed with me.  I check emails and get ready while he’s sleeping, and then snuggle when he wakes up.
Favorite Color Purple, with blue being a close 2nd
Gold or Silver? Silver
Height 5’ 7”
Instrument Sound effects
Job Full-time homeschooling mom and part-time adjunct teacher at the local community college
Kids One and only who is almost 6
Where do you Live? Tennessee
Favorite Movie Labyrinth
Nickname Le Le
Overnight hospital stay For surgeries, childbirth, and one of our miscarriages
Pet Peeve People not respecting young (or young-looking) adults
favorite Quote “Heavens to Mergatory.” — my mom(We’re not Catholic, so she had never heard of Pergatory until I mentioned it to her.)
Right or left-handed? Lefty!
Siblings? I’m one of six!
Time it takes to get ready Depends on how quickly I have to be somewhere… from 30 minutes to an hour
Underwear cute thongs
Vegetable you hate onions
What makes you late? checking emails
Xrays you’ve had nothing major.. no broken bones
Yummy food that you make coconut chicken tenders
favorite Zoo animal elephants and giraffes

Now if that wasn’t enough to make you want to go check out her blog … this will definitely get you there!  Here are links to some of her most popular posts …

Dr. Seuss books by reading level
5 Days of Making Math Fun:  Must Have Manipulatives
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Top 10 books that teach fractions to kids

She also has quite a few free printables, and a lot of posts about math and geography, in particular for Montessori continent box resources.  Go check it out!

But first … this week’s Kids Co-Op linky!

The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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