The ABCs of Taming the Goblin

I love bloggers that are honest and have with a sense of humor … and The Monko, who writes Taming the Goblin, never disappoints!  It’s a blog focused on “Toddler Taming through Toddler Entertaining” and it certainly had many great ideas!  Like her recent post for Golden Gleam’s “We Get It” Parenting Series on Parenting Hyper Toddlers.  So, here are the …

The ABCs of Taming the Goblin 

Age 35
Beverage of Choice caffeine free diet coke
Chore you Hate All – I am a terrible house wife (we have recently employed a cleaner)
Daily Routine On my work days: get up at 6am, shower, throw on some clothes and jump on a train to London, work all day and fail to get home in time to see my son – boo – hoo; then blog in front of the TV all evening (Hublet does the cooking). On my non-working days: Goblin and I get up at 6am; watch two hours of TV in our Pjs while I drink gallons of coffee (2 hours of TV! I know I can hear the tuts from here, judge away, we do what we need to do to cope!), then we play; Goblin naps and I surf the net in the middle of the day, then we usually do some kind of fun outing in the afternoon before Hublet gets home and Goblin has book and bed. Then I blog in front of the TV all evening and Hublet cooks – I’m guessing by now you realise that I am super lazy and do no housework or cooking and even my mothering skills are pretty touch and go. And get this – at the weekend Hublet lets me have a lie in while he fields the boy for a couple of hours.
Essential start of the day Coffee – lots of it
Favorite Color don’t really have one
Favorite Game Ticket to Ride (board game)
Height 5’4”
favorite Ice Cream flavor vanilla
Beloved piece of Jewelry Hublet bought me a beautiful steam punk necklace with a red crystal embedded in the clock cogs. It’s incredible.
Kids (names & ages) Goblin 2.5 years
Where do you Live UK
Favorite Movie(s) Back to the Future 1
Nickname The Monko
Occupation Civil Servant
Pet Peeve Parents who lie to their kids at the zoo about what animal they are looking at because they are too lazy to read the sign right next to the windonw
favorite Quote “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” – Dolly Parton
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings one twin sister
Time it takes to get ready 5 mins, I intentionally have a messy hairstyle so I can just shove some product in it and run out the door – this is not a post kid look, I’m just lazy
Unusual Fact I have facial nerve 7 damage which means I sleep with one eye open – it freaks people out on the train to work!
Best Vacation went on holiday with my parents when I was 17 as a punishment for failing my end of year exams. It was probably the best quality time I had spent on my own with my mum and dad ever. I love it. My dad and I flew kites on the sand dunes in France
What makes you late sleep
Xrays you’ve had never had one. Giving birth is the only time I have ever been in the hospital
Yummy food that you make Well, I used to make a nice vegetable curry but I have lost all cullinary skills since marrying a man that cooks
favorite Zoo animal sea lion
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    Love the honesty “The Monko” 🙂

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