The ABCs of Second Story Window … and this Week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

This week’s ABCs feature is Emily … one half of the dynamic duo sister blogging team of Second Story Window.  Emily, and her big sis Heidi, both share a passion for educating little ones.  They dream of running a preschool together, but the logistics of not living close to each other makes this currently impossible.  So, they channel their amazing collaborative ideas into the blog and their etsy shop!  Here are …

The ABCs of  Second Story Window

Age 28
Beverage of Choice Dr. Pepper Ten (Bad habit!)
Chore you Hate Mopping
Daily Routine Cleaning up the cups of water my husband leaves all over the house. 🙂
Essential start of the day Opening all the blinds first thing in the AM
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Game Catch Phrase
Height 5’2
favorite Ice Cream flavor Peanut Butter Cup
Beloved piece of Jewelry Engagement ring
Kids (names & ages) Adelaide, age 2
Where do you Live California
Favorite Movie Jane Eyre (the newish one)
Nickname Em
Occupation Former teacher, current SAHM
Pet Peeve Any noise made while someone is chewing gum!
favorite Quote Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings 1 sister, 1 brother, I’m the baby!
Time it takes to get ready 20 minutes
Unusual Fact Nearly kidnapped as a child
Best Vacation NYC with my husband (before we moved there)
What makes you late Checking my e-mail!
Xrays you’ve had Only teeth.
Yummy food that you make I make a mean chocolate chip cookie. Much better at cooking desserts than any other food.
favorite Zoo animal Giraffe. I’ve always loved them.

 Now for this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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