The ABCs of True Aim … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

This week’s feature is True Aim … a blog that focuses parenting and education.  “True Aim will provide you with the latest educational news and information, teaching tips, book and movie reviews, lesson materials, and discussions to help you discover the True Aim of Education – ensuring that you have what it takes to hit your mark.”  

Janine, the creator of the blog, is the mother of 3 blessings all under the age of 5.  She has an in-home preschool and is currently teaching 3 other children.  She is passionate about early childhood education and teaches all of the children in her care an advanced custom curriculum.  You can connect with Janine: Facebook – Pinterest – Google+ – Twitter!

Every Wednesday through Friday True Aim runs a series called Mom’s Library which is a link up that is “Filled with parenting tips, activities for young children, stories, crafts, recipes, and more!”  Also make sure to check out this fabulous post about teaching kids manners.  I invite you to check out the blog and the Mom’s Library links and I’m happy to share with you …

The ABCs of True Aim

Age 20 something; I know, I am a young’n.
Beverage of Choice Blended Taro
Chore you Hate Laundry: the never ending story!
Daily Routine 6:30am to midnight: going, going, going
Essential start of the day Snuggling with my baby boy.
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Game Settlers of Catan and Catch Phrase
Height 5′ 2″
favorite Ice Cream flavor Lemon Custard
Beloved piece of Jewelry The only piece I wear: My Wedding Ring
Kids (names & ages) Audrey 4, Emma 2, Colton 6 months
Where do you Live Idaho
Favorite Movie(s) Anne of Green Gables, Lord of the Rings
Nickname Neen, Neeners
Occupation SAHM and I have an in-home preschool.
Pet Peeve The crumbs that get stuck in the bottom of the chip bag.
favorite Quote Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. ~Henry Ford
Right or left-handed I wish I had three right hands.
Siblings No
Time it takes to get ready depends; if I am late I can move it: 10-15min
Unusual Fact I have a huge bump in the middle of my eyes that comes out when I squint!
Best Vacation Visiting family in California
What makes you late Pressing snooze too many times.
Xrays you’ve had My wrist and that is it; knock on wood
Yummy food that you make Sushi and Egg Rolls
favorite Zoo animal Giraffe

And now for this week’s Kids Co-Op linky!
The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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    I love the ABC interview style. Very creative!

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