This Plus That: Customized Task Sheets for Kids

It’s been a struggle since the school year began … how to get Henry to accomplish the tasks he needs to do after school.  Especially when I’m not there to supervise.

This year marks a first for us.  The first year we have a child in school all day.  I work in the afternoon/evenings … so with Henry being at school all day and me being at work all night, I don’t have a chance to monitor a (very easily distracted) 6 year old to get his first grade homework and other essential daily living skills accomplished.  What we were doing wasn’t working … school work wasn’t getting done until the last minute at night when he was too tired.  Which was miserable for everyone … and making bedtime late … making getting up late … making catching the bus on time difficult.  It needed to change.

So, I created these …

customized task sheets

We had been reading LOTS of Amy Krouse Rosenthal books because she is the featured author this month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids.  Henry really like the concept behind the book, “This Plus That: Life’s Little Equations”. Which gave me the idea … why don’t I take this to create customized task sheets for Henry.

Task sheets, or visual reminders, are very common in cognitive-behavioral therapy and used frequently for children (and adults) with attention issues … or children needing to adhere to a schedule and/or help with verbalization (such as children on the autism spectrum).  Since Henry is already reading quite well, I decided to make his a written list (as opposed to a picture one).

Although the time period after school until bedtime was our MAIN concern, I  figured that coming up with task sheets for throughout the day would really help drive home the idea.  I’m also getting tired of nagging/reminding him throughout the day … and now that he’s 6 (and a half) I want him to become more self-accountable.  AND, I knew that the task sheets would be helpful for my dad (who watches the kids after school) and my husband to keep on task too!  ; 0 ) Here are the task sheets I made up …

It was simple.  Typed them out on the computer, printed on regular paper, and covered them in contact paper.  Easy peasy.

So far Henry has thought the sheets were pretty cool and liked being able to “check off” his accomplishments as he completed them.  (I had him use a dry-erase marker.)

For more ideas on how to use other books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal as parenting and/or therapeutic resources check out this post I wrote last week for the Virtual Book Club for Kids Blog Hop!

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  1. Susan Case

    Great ideas. Pinning this.

  2. Lauren Jones (@mixingplaydough)

    This is a really great idea- my son has also been loving this book and I think it would help him so much with getting ready in the morning! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  3. Jill

    This sounds like it will work great for my DD age 4.5. She is able to read some words, but I can add pictures to my list to help her remember what she’s reading as well. She has trouble listening to us- and everyone really…so hopefully this will work with out having to repeat a million times and nag her. It will make her feel like a real BIG GIRL. 🙂 Thank you for the idea!

  4. nicematters

    Love This Plus That!! Love Amy Krouse Rosenthal! Doing this with my daughter for sure.

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