Anonymous Joy Bombing – Virtual Book Club for Kids featuring David McPhail

As I’ve said before, one of the main reasons I love participating in the Virtual Book Club for Kids is because I get to exposed to new authors and have the opportunity to explore each author’s works in depth.  This month the featured author is David McPhail.  We had never read any of his books … and he has A LOT.  I settled on a stack of about 15 or so and checked them out from the library (our monthly Virtual Book Club ritual!).


We read a bunch of them, but the one the kids and I decided would be the most fitting for us and for a post on this day … Martin Luther King, Jr Day … would be “Mole Music”.

We picked "Mole Music"

In the book, Mole works hard and passionately on something he truly loves and wants to succeed at.  He dreams that his music would have the power to bring joy, peace, and help to others.  Mole never realizes that his music was doing all of this.

I discussed this with my kids.  The concept whether or not it is the good deed that is important OR getting recognition for doing the good deed.  At first Henry (almost 7 years old) focused on how great it feels to get things in return when you do nice things for others … but eventually he could see the point (with help to referencing back to the book) that it didn’t really matter if people knew WHO did the deed … what really matter was that you helped someone else.  We also talked about how Dr. Martin Luther King did not know how his words and peaceful protests would end up affecting the world.  He dreamed.  He hoped.  He worked hard.  But he never got the chance to see how much he changed the world.

So … the kids and I went on a mission … an Anonymous Joy Bombing mission.

We did a lot of EyeBombing.  (What’s EyeBombing?  When you place google eyes around in the public for others to find.  For more examples, see this post from Make and Takes or check out EyeBombing


My plan was to do lots different types of random ways to spread kindness and joy … like putting change in expired parking meters, leaving goody bags at friends and neighbors houses, and other stuff like that … but truth is we ran out of time and energy this weekend … and we were having SO much fun with the EyeBombing!  However, we do plan to continue our mission to find ways to bring joy to others.

bringing joy ... 2 google eyes at a time

This concept … the concept of helping others and helping the world without realizing or seeing the results is essential for me … and any therapist … to understand.  So often I never to to see or know about how work in the play therapy room effects a child in the long run.  I don’t get to see how the seeds that I planted grow and make a difference in their life.  Doing this playful activity with my family helped me remember that it is much more important to spread the joy then receive acknowledgement for doing so.


Do you have a favorite book by David McPhail?  I’d love to have you join the blog hop!  All you have to do is…

  1. Pick a David McPhail book to read with your child!
  2. Do any activity, craft, cooking project, or other book inspired activity that goes along with the book your chose.
  3. Share what you did with us starting Monday, January 21 We will have a linky up for 3 weeks where you can share any blog posts (if you are a blogger) or you can post what you did at the end of the linky post in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

I can’t wait to see all of your fabulous ideas! Thanks for participating!

For more updates and to see loads of the posts by participating bloggers, head on over and “Like” our Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook page.

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  1. Kim Nielsen

    You know there is different types of recognition. For a co-founder of eyebombing, I found this blogpost to be exactly the reward that I wanted out of the project.

  2. Laura

    Thank you SO much for your comment, Kim! The kids and I are having so much doing this … it’s kinda addicting!!!

  3. Jane N.

    That is hilarious! I’ve never heard of eye bombing until now. It looks very tempting to go around town loaded with googly eyes. Love your site. Will be heading off to the library after nap to participate in this blog hop!

  4. Mary Catherine

    LOVE THIS! I pinned an idea like this a while ago. Adore the concept behind it, as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience, as well as the David McPhail ideas.

  5. Kristina

    Oh My… hilarious!! Never heard of “eye-bombing” but this would surely give anyone a giggle! Could use it to teach personification, too!

  6. Megan @ Coffee Cups and Crayons

    LOVE it!!!

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