The ABCs of Moments A Day … and this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

I am a FIRM believer that life happens in the little moments.  The big picture is important … but it is the little moments that make up our life, our memories … our children’s memories.  Childhood flies by SO fast … it’s important that we stop and enjoy the moments every day.

Chelsea, blogger behind Moments a Day, believes the same thing.  Sharing simple and fun activities with our kids “[o]nly takes a few moments a day, but all those moments add up to a lifetime full of love and intention.”   So here are …

The ABCS of 


Age 29
Beverage of Choice Mocha frap
something you’d like to Change in your Life I would LOVE someone to do all the grocery shopping and food preparation for me; especially in winter when shopping and cooking is the last thing I feel like doing. But realistically something I would like to change is getting a bit more fit.
favorite Diversion Facebook, hubby says I’m an addict but honestly I use it to make connections and learn things, not just to waste time 😉
Essential start of the day Checking email, though we also say prayers as a family about an hour after waking up. It is an essential start to a GOOD day (read=good attitude day)
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Game “Hide and Seek” with my boys
Height 5′ 4″
favorite Ice Cream flavor chocolate especially with fudge or chocolate chips or some other chocolate thing
Beloved piece of Jewelry Pandora bracelet with charms for all my family members
Kids (names & ages) Zorion age 4, Zavian age 2, Angel Baby lost in a miscarriage in January 2013
Where do you Live Brisbane, Australia
Favorite Movie(s) Pride and Prejudice (BBC version)
Nickname Chels
Occupation Full-time mom, homemaker, personal chef, cleaner…. Yeah.
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Hmm too many receipts?
favorite Quote “When a man turns his face to God he finds sunshine everywhere.” -Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i Writings
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings Older sister
Time it takes to get ready 5 minute shower, 5 minute dressing, 5 min hair and makeup = 15
Unusual Fact I was a stenographer before having kids.
Best Vacation Southeast Asia during an independent study fellowship in university, first time to travel abroad alone and LOVED it
What makes you late Does the kids not wanting to go out the door count?
Xrays you’ve had Big toe in 8th grade after a slumber party trick gone bad, only bone I’ve ever broken (knock on wood)
Yummy food that you make Bread (the breadmaker does all the work though)
favorite Zoo animal Koala babies

And now …

The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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