The ABCs of Racheous … and the Weekly Kids Co-Op

This week I’m featuring the ABCs of Rachel of Racheous.  She’s a sweet Aussie wife and mom with a passion for early education.  Her blog features tons of great Montessori & Reggio inspired playful learning experiences and natural parenting ideas.  So make sure to check out the blog!
The ABCs of…
Age 25
Beverage of Choice I’m a big tea drinker.
something you’d like to Change in your Life I’d love for our little family to own our own home.
favorite Diversion Blogging and reading
Essential start of the day Cuddles with my littlies.
Favorite Color I love purple.
Favorite Game My favourite board game is Monopoly even though my family and I take it too seriously and it always ends in fights.
Height 166cm .. 5 ft 5.5 (I think?) for the Americans.
favorite Ice Cream flavor Chocolate.
Beloved piece of Jewelry My wedding set.
Kids (names & ages) Cameron (3 years 10 months) and Lucy (10 months)
Where do you Live We live in Queensland, Australia.
Favorite Movie(s) I’m a fan of comedy and horrors. I don’t really have a specific favourite.
Nickname Racheous, hence the blog name.
Occupation Full time mama. I was a nanny prior to having kids.
a weird thing in your Purse/bag I often have natural items picked up from parks or walks in my bag.
favorite Quote Quite a common one, but still a firm favourite of mine: ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’
Right or left-handed Right handed.
Siblings One sister, Vicky, who has three kids and happens to one of my best friends.
Time it takes to get ready I’m a procrastinator and daydreamer so it takes ages for me to get out the door but not for the typical reasons.
Unusual Fact I have a clubbed thumb.
Best Vacation Our honeymoon to Fiji.
What makes you late I leave things until the last minute and never prepare.
Xrays you’ve had One for a broken foot when I was 11, one for my teeth and another when Lucy was newborn and I saved Cameron when he climbed our drawers and a big old TV fell on my shoulder.
Yummy food that you make I’m good at making sweets, particularly cookies.
favorite Zoo animal My favourite animal is a sea otter because they hold hands to stop from drifting apart when they sleep. They’re adorable.

And now for …

Kids Co  op


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