Principles for Relationships with Children

In preparing for the start of the Psychotherapy with Children course that I’m teaching at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology, I decided to make a visual of Garry Landreth’s Principles for Relationships with Children.   While creating the image in PicMonkey I realized that it would also be a wonderful message to share here on the blog.  (it’s been fun to be able to use the skills I’ve learned through blogging to help aid as a professor!)

It’s written for play therapists … but the principles can apply to ANY relationship with a child – such as the parent-child relationship.  And as we enter a new year, it’s seems appropriate to assess parenting strengths and weaknesses … and set new goals in hopes to create even stronger bonds with our children.

So, Happy New Year … from me to you.  
Here’s to enhanced connections with children!
 May you play and grow together throughout 2014!

PlayDrMom shares Landreth's Principles for Relationships with Childrenfrom Landreth, G. Play therapy: The art of the relationship

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