If You Give a Pig a Party … Family Fun Night

This month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids we are featuring Laura Numeroff, author behind the series “If you give a …” series, plus many more fun titles.  Our family’s favorite book by her is “If You Give a Pig a Party” … so we had an impromptu family fun night with activities based on the book.

if you give a pig a party ... family fun from PlayDrMom

We started off with BALLOONS!  Because if you give a pig a party, she’s going to want BALLOONS.  This was just simple play with balloons.  Tossing them back and forth … and watching our new puppy experience balloons for the first time.  To tell you the truth, we were having so much fun and laughing so hard, that I didn’t get any photos.

After the puppy popped all the balloons (and, yes, we cleaned up the balloon remnants quickly to keep him safe) … we moved ahead several pages (but it might be fun to do some party decorations, calling some friends, a bike ride, simple carnival games, and ice cream).  Next, we played hide-and-seek … which is from my kids FAVORITE page in all of Numeroff’s books.  (if you haven’t seen how illustrator Felicia Bond hid all the animals within the page, go check it out!). So, I counted to 20 and my kiddos found some great hiding spots. In fact, I had to ask my seven-year-old to come out because we couldn’t find him!  (he managed to get himself UNDER HIS BED!)

Then it was time for some “dinner” … so we made and enjoyed some peanut butter sandwiches.  After the sandwiches, we had a PILLOW FIGHT and then made an EPIC fortress out of blankets!

Blanket fortress

And then it was back to balloons, because you know, “chances are, if you give her balloons, she’s going to ask you for a party.”

This simple family fun night could easily be adapted for a play date or even a birthday party.  For more great activities to go along with Laura Numeroff books, make sure to check out the blog hop!  And if you have a post about one of her books make sure to link it up!

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  1. Courtney @ A Teaching Mommy

    I love this as an idea for Family Fun Night! I know my family would enjoy it! I’m been trying to decide what to do for tomorrow’s Fun Night… this just might be it! Thanks!

    A Teaching Mommy

  2. Emma

    How fun! This is a great idea for Family Night! I especially love the fortress!
    Emma recently posted…Challenge – Sink a MarshmallowMy Profile

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