Save the Pie! review … for Pi Day!

The company SimplyFun sent us a game to review … and it’s just perfect to share it today … Pi Day!  Yup, March 14 … 3.14 … Pi Day, is the perfect day for a SAVE THE PIE! review!

save the pie review

Save the Pie is a collaborative game geared towards kids 6 years and up.  The premise of the game is that animals friends have collected berries to make a pie for their friend, Beary, and they need to get the berries safely to the Pie Maker before hungry Beary catches up with him.  The 5 animal friends are represented by 5 individual tokens, their journey to the Pie Maker is the game board, and Beary is a hourglass timer.

the animal friends made it to the Pie Maker!

To move the characters, players have to roll the “action die” which determines how the player has to get the 3 berry pieces on the action board.  The player may have to toss, flick, push, blow, drop, or slide the berry pieces on the action board.  Depending where the berry piece lands (or if any of the berry pieces land on the action board) determines what animal character piece moves on the board.

Action Board

Every time the Beary hourglass timer has drained completely to the bottom, the players flip it over and move it to the next space.  If all the animal friends get to the Pie Maker/End before Beary catches up with them YOU WIN!  But if Beary catches up to any of the animal friends HE wins!

Save the Pie Activity Cards

The game was a bit complicated the first couple of times we played it because of the amount of directions, but we found that once we got the hang of it the game was fairly simple and fun to play.  Although the game is suggested for players over 6 years, I played it with my daughter who will be 5 in May, she really enjoyed the challenge of the game.  We also played the game as a family (including my husband and 8 year old son) and found that having more players made the game even more fun!  It is a very well-made, high quality product that I’m sure will be a family favorite for years!

SimplyFun's Save the Pi

I also think it will be a great game to use in play therapy sessions – especially in a family or group play therapy sessions.  It will be a helpful resource for children working on cooperation skills, motor planning, and critical thinking.

Thanks a BUNCH to SimplyFun for the opportunity to play and review this wonderful game!

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