The ABCs of Life Over C’s … and The Weekly Kids Co-Op!

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This week I’m featuring the ABCs of Life Over C’s!  Kim is a homeschooling momma to four daughters.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet I highly recommend hopping over there to check out her family’s experiences being missionaries in the Republic of Georgia!  Kim states, they “have a very eclectic home school. Partly traditional, mostly delight-led, definitely hands-on. I love trying new things and visiting new places, especially with my kids because it is so fun to see the world through their eyes!”  Here are the …

The ABCs of

Age 33
Beverage of Choice Coffee
something you’d like to Change in your Life
favorite Diversion Making new printables and games for my kids. Sort of seems like work, but it helps me take my mind off other more serious stressors.
Essential start of the day Coffee (there may be a pattern forming here!)
Favorite Color Dark pink. Love, love, love any pink, except for pastels which I really don’t like. It’s like they are pretending to be a color, but aren’t!
Favorite Game Anything that I play with my family. But I have been told I’m quite stellar at Texas Hold ‘Em (as long as there is no real betting involved.) Something about people never knowing if I’m bluffing.
Height 5’8”
favorite Ice Cream flavor Vanilla. Because you can top it with anything. My current favorite toppings are strawberries & bananas because they bulk up my bowl of ice cream without adding lots more calories.
Beloved piece of Jewelry My wedding ring. I don’t wear any other jewelry
Kids (names & ages) Four awesome daughters! Emma: 10 going on 18, Rissa (short for Laurissa): 9, Jaida: 6 and Shiloh: 3
Where do you Live I currently live in the Republic of Georgia. We’ve been missionaries here since 2006, but part of our time is spent stateside because we need to raise money to be here. We return stateside in November and may spend up to 2 1/2 years traveling full-time in an RV raising the money that we need.
Favorite Movie(s) Anything Jane Austen.
Nickname Kim…hehe! My real name is Kimberly, but only my mother is allowed to call me that. My husband calls me Babe. If he actually uses my name, I think there is a problem. My thee older kids call me Mom and Shiloh hasn’t decided what to call me yet. Some days it’s “dey” (short for DeyDah which is Mom in Georgia). Some days it’s “mah”.
Occupation Wife, Mom, Missionary, Blogger, Home school Teacher…. some pay, some don’t…lol!
a weird thing in your Purse/bag well, I actually just took a dinosaur out of my purse from our farm play dough set. I was keeping it there to distract kids in case of “emergency”. It worked. For the record the dinosaur belongs in the farm set as a “what does not belong” conversation piece. It works well for that.
favorite Quote “Live simply. Dream Big. Give love. Laugh lots.” I don’t know where I saw it, but I think it was somewhere on Pinterest. Everything is on Pinterest.
Right or left-handed leftie
Siblings 2 brothers, 2 sisters
Time it takes to get ready 5 minutes on a good day. Unless I actually get to take a shower. Then 20.
Unusual Fact My hair goes almost to my knees and hasn’t been cut since I was 16.
Best Vacation We do a LOT of traveling, but not much specific vacationing. We’ve been to the Black Sea 4 times for our missionary work (twice in the Ukraine and twice here in Georgia) and squeaked out some vacation days there. LOVED the temperate rainforest near Batumi. It was amazing!
What makes you late My kids. Myself. My husband. Nah, not my husband. He does lots of “prompting” to get us out the door on time.
Xrays you’ve had On my left hand after I had my wrist shut in a sliding van door in college. No breaks, but severe tendonitis for several months.
Yummy food that you make Everything I make is yummy, of course! My kids go absolutely nuts over my Red Beans & Rice though. They’ve even requested it as birthday meals.
favorite Zoo animal Zebra. Just because they look cool. Or the laughing hyenas. Definite toss up!

And now for …

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