The ABCs of Snotty Noses … and The Weekly Kid Co-Op

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 This week I am featuring the ABCs of Snotty Noses!  Orlena was previously a pediatric doctor in her home country of Australia, but in 2011 she and her husband made the decision to move to Spain to raise their family.  She is the mother of four young children.  Her website ” is aimed at helping recognise when your child is ill and what you can do about it.” And her blog, “gives you insight to [their] hectic and crazy spanish life. And anything else that takes [her] fancy.”    One of my favorite posts on the blog is, “Why is everything ‘parenting’ so controversial?”  So, here are …

The ABCs of Snotty Noses

Dr Orlena Kerek - Snotty Noses

Age Gasp, do I have to say? (whispers…nearly 40)
Beverage of Choice Cava (we live in Spain. There is no other drink)
something you’d like to Change in your Life I would LOVE to have a house elf who magic-ed everything tidy
favorite Diversion Spending hours on the internet? No, reading and watching movies (in spanish to practice)
Essential start of the day 7 but I don’t get out of bed tip 8 (the kids pile in)
Favorite Color Blue, like the Mediterranean
Favorite Game Sardines. A bit like hide and seek only 1 person hides and the others have to find them and hide too.
Height 167 cms (or 176 I can’t remember, tall but not really tall)
favorite Ice Cream flavor Chocolate
Beloved piece of Jewelry My engagement ring that keeps breaking 🙁
Kids (names & ages) Galen 5, Dante 4, Celeste and Sebastian 18 months
Where do you Live Cataonia in Spain. It’s awesome.
Favorite Movie(s) The English Patient and Life is Beautiful and How to loose a man in 10 days
Nickname Lena Loops. Apparently I go round in circles.
Occupation Was a paediatrician, now a mother and aspiring blogger.
a weird thing in your Purse/bag An elastic band, a stick, a stone, a toy wheel. I live with boys.
favorite Quote Woman are made to be loved, not understood. Oscar Wilde
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings Rowan 3 years younger than me and Stef and Sam 12 years younger
Time it takes to get ready Just me? About 3 minutes.
Unusual Fact I once got nitrogen narcosis (when you go a bit loopy) from diving too deep.
Best Vacation We live on vacation!
What makes you late My children. Just when you think you’re there, they do a sneaky poo.
Xrays you’ve had Chest for when I worked in Australia.
Yummy food that you make Baked peaches. Galen told me I was ‘fablious’ when I first made them.
favorite Zoo animal Elephants and tigers (except the one that wanted to eat my babies)

And now …

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