The ABCs of Adventures of Adam … and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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This week I’m featuring the ABCs of Adventures of Adam!   This site is run by Emma and focuses on toddler play activities and adventures.  One thing I really love about the site is how she has organized her sidebar so that readers can easily find appropriate activities based on prep time and level of adult supervision needed.  She also shares her story and spreads the word about Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  So, here are …

The ABCs of


Age 33
Beverage of Choice Sparkling water
something you’d like to Change in your Life not be allergic to fish
favorite Diversion Reading
Essential start of the day Cuddles with my son
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Game Lego on the DS
Height 5’3”
favorite Ice Cream flavor Boysenberry
Beloved piece of Jewelry Wedding ring – it has our wedding date engraved in Roman numerals as we got married in Rome
Kids (names & ages) Adam – 2 years old
Where do you Live Norfolk, England
Favorite Movie(s) Despicable Me
Nickname Emsie
Occupation Primary School Teacher, but now stay at home mum
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Epi-pen
favorite Quote “This too shall pass”
Right or left-handed right handed
Siblings one younger brother
Time it takes to get ready far too long – slave to my hair straighteners
Unusual Fact I am scared of short heights
Best Vacation Traveling by myself around Australia and New Zealand
What makes you late I hate to be late so am always early
Xrays you’ve had lung xray whilst pregnant
Yummy food that you make Mexican
favorite Zoo animal Meerkat

And now …


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