The ABCs of Mommy Loves Trees … and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

(This post is part of my “ABCs of” feature series where I highlight one blogger a week by sharing fun facts about them A-Z!  Click here for the rest of the posts in the series!)

This week I’m featuring the ABCs of Mommy Loves Trees!  Mae, the mom behind the blog, has spent her “life & career connecting with the outdoors.”  Now she spends her time connecting her family with the outdoors … and shares her tips, tricks, and adventures on the blog.  A couple of posts that I found really helpful were … Helping Kids Deal with Their Fear of Bugs and 7 Reasons I Take My Kids Hiking.  Make sure to hop over and check out her site!  But first, here are …

 The ABCs of

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Age 34
Beverage of Choice Diet Dr. Pepper
something you’d like to Change in your Life I would like my husband to find a permanent position closer to family. Not in the same town, but close enough to drive.
favorite Diversion Hiking
Essential start of the day Pilates and reading.
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Game Solitaire. I used to play it until my hand was too tierd to play anymore. Don’t play as much nowadays, family and blogging keep my busy.
Height 5 feet 9 inches
favorite Ice Cream flavor If it is quality ice cream, I love strawberry cheesecake.
Beloved piece of Jewelry Wedding ring
Kids My son is 5 and my daughter is 2.
Where do you Live Oklahoma City, OK
Favorite Movie(s) Star Wars and Harry Potter
Nickname Muscle twig. On camping trips with my friends as a teenager I was the only one who could chop wood. So they started calling me muscle twig because I was the smallest of the group.
Occupation SAHM
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Pocket knife. I spend a lot of time outdoors and it has come in handy many times.
favorite Quote The mountains are calling and I must go. -John Muir
Right or left-handed Right
Siblings I am the oldest of 5.
Time it takes to get ready 30 minutes.
Unusual Fact I worked as a park ranger for two years and studied forest management in college. Despite my love of the outdoors, I managed to fall in love with someone whose idea of the outdoors is viewing it out a window.
Best Vacation Trip to Ireland with my husband. The first couple days he had a conference but after that we got to play. Beautiful country.
What makes you late My husband.
Xrays you’ve had Besides teeth, I have only had 1. I broke my arm when I was 10.
Yummy food that you make I love to bake. My favorite thing to bake is key lime pie. No, it is not green.
favorite Zoo animal Zebra. It is my dream to visit Africa and see some in person.

And now …

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