The ABCs of Rhythms of Play

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Today I am featuring the ABCs of Rhythms of Play!  Nell’s blog focuses on playing, learning, parenting … and keeping it all organized.  She has a passion for natural living and the outdoors.  Be sure to check out the post, “One Thing You Should Never Say to a Child”  and her series, “Get outside and Connect“.  So, here are …

The ABCs of Rhythms of Play

Rhythms of Play

Age At 44 I am ripening in the land of middle age!
Beverage of Choice I have learned to love coffee, but I have to say tea because I drink it every day. My favorites are black, green, tulsie, and chamomile. I love them all straight up or with milk & honey.
something you’d like to Change in your Life It would be really great for my husband to earn a decent wage. He is an incredibly hard worker and he deserves to be paid a lot more than he is. When I was 8 weeks pregnant with our first and only child he was let go from a great high paying job. We still haven’t recovered from the blow. Every day is a struggle. It would be really nice to live above the poverty level for a change.
favorite Diversion Practicing yoga — love it!
Essential start of the day Morning love with my family and dog. My husband and I co-sleep with our daughter. We snuggle in bed loving each other every morning before we get out of bed. My day would not be the same without it 🙂
Favorite Color Sky blue. When I was a child I used to spend my days looking for somewhere I could lay down and look up to only see blue skies. No clouds, no trees… just the blue sky. It was harder than you think! Try it!
Favorite Game Dominos! When my husband and I traveled around during the winters in our motor home (before he lost his job) we played Dominos, Gin Rummy, or Uno every night.
Height I used to be 5 feet 6 inches, but now I am 5 feet 5 inches… apparently people really do shrink with age. Must be all that spinal compression. Need to practice more yoga!
favorite Ice Cream flavor Coffee! I never eat it though because when I eat ice cream it’s usually after dinner. I can’t eat it after dinner or it will keep me up all night so cookie dough is my usual go to.
Beloved piece of Jewelry A mother’s ring my husband gave me on my first mother’s day. It has my daughter’s name, DOB and her birth stone. Love it!
Kids (names & ages) I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I like to keep her name private 🙂
Where do you Live Currently I reside in Chico, CA but I have moved around my whole life. Other homes have been Santa Monica/Venice CA, Santa Cruz CA, Kauai Hawaii, and Vancouver, BC.
Favorite Movie(s) The Matrix and Terminator series, the original Escape To Witch Mountain, The secret, what the bleep do we know, Time After Time, and many more I’m forgetting right now.
Nickname I’ve really never had one that has stuck, but many of my friends call me Nellie for long.
Occupation I recently retired from LA CO Fire Dept/Lifeguard Division after 20 years of service as an Ocean Lifeguard. I have also worked as a Junior lifeguard instructor, swim coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer, nanny, childcare worker, nurses assistant, and actress — whew! Now I’m a full-time stay and home mom and new blogger!
a weird thing in your Purse/bag A pocket mask for CPR — Old habits die-hard 🙂
favorite Quote This one’s tough! I love so many, but I have to go with: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – The Buddha
Right or left-handed I’m a righty living in a left world. Both my father and my husband are left handed so I am really ambedextrous. My father has to have his things his way so I learned to work with my left hand a lot. For example, when I used his computer as a kid he would get really mad at me if I didn’t put his mouse back on the left, so I just started using it on the left. My husband thanks him.
Siblings I have one full blooded brother, one half brother, and one ex-step brother. It’s a really long great story. Many people have told me I should write a novel about my crazy life.
Time it takes to get ready Because I rarely wear make-up or do my hair it doesn’t take me long to get ready… getting me out the door is another issue altogether–hehe!
Unusual Fact I got two great ones… I have have had a near death experience, and I have had heart surgery three times! The near death experience was not related to my heart issues. I used to have Supra Ventricular Tachycardia with Presyncope. Basically that’s just a fancy way of saying I had a really fast heart rate (over 250) when I would have an “attack.” I have been “cured” and medication free since 2001 🙂
Best Vacation I haven’t really gone on many vacations… I’m more the type that moves to new and exciting places to experience them. The best one was when I moved to Kauai on a dare after I graduated High School. I went for 2 weeks and stayed for 2 years.
What makes you late Before my daughter I was never late. As a lifeguard being late means losing lives — not okay. Now that I have a daughter I am often late.
Xrays you’ve had Not many except for dental, fingers and toes. No major breaks to speak of, but I did pass the swim to become an ocean lifeguard with 2 broken and splinted fingers. I broke both index fingers at the same time playing football — haha!
Yummy food that you make My husband says lasagna.
favorite Zoo animal The monkeys! They are so much fun to watch!
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