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A Laura Craft: Springtime Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Since we moved into this house in October I’ve been having lots of fun starting to decorate, especially for the different seasons.  One of my favorite things have been to make (or find) wreaths for our front entry.  When I saw

A Laura Craft: Yarn Wreaths with Felt Roses

I love to craft.  It was instilled in me by my amazing and crafty mom. I love the process of crafting … the finding an inspiration, the gathering of materials, the ability to engage in the act of crafting hands on,

a simple wreath for the 4th of July

Just like keeping Food for the Fourth simple, I like to keep the decorations for Independence Day low-key too!  I love creating ribbon and yarn wrapped wreaths because they are quick and easy to to and very easily adaptable for any

3 Simple (& FUN) DIY Halloween Decorations

The kids and I LOVE decorating the house for Halloween, but recently we came up with these three super simple DIY Halloween Decorations. Window Ghost It can’t get much easier than this one.  Especially if you already have white drapes hanging

An Easter Tree of My Own

Growing up my mom always decorated for every season.  I always loved (and still do) seeing the items come out of the basement for their yearly reveal.  It was like seeing old friends again … the ceramic ghost holding a pumpkin

A Laura Craft: Valentine Yarn Wreath

I previously posted a collection of yarn wreaths that I so enjoyed making … and giving away as Christmas presents.  After doing so, and from reading some of the comments, I realized that I had failed to make one for my