3 Simple (& FUN) DIY Halloween Decorations

The kids and I LOVE decorating the house for Halloween, but recently we came up with these three super simple DIY Halloween Decorations.

CREEPY … SPOOKY … easy & fun Halloween Decorations

Window Ghost

What's THAT in the WINDOW?

It can’t get much easier than this one.  Especially if you already have white drapes hanging in one of your windows!  All you need to do is adhere (I just used clear packing tape) GIANT google eyes to the window or drape.  For the mouth, just cut a piece of black felt in an oval/circle/smile/frown (whatever!) and adhere to the window or drape.  We just have one ghost … but it would also look super fun to put ghosts in multiple windows to give a haunted house feel!

Spider Invasion

a fun (& creepy) way to "welcome" Halloween visitors!

Here’s another easy one.  I had a package of spider rings.  I cut off the “ring” part and used adhesive sticky dots to glue them all over our back door. (You could also use magnets … which is more expensive, takes a bit longer, but may last longer and stay better if you have a metal door!)  My daughter had a ton of fun helping me with this one.  It gets a great reaction from unsuspecting visitors!!!


Skeleton Wreaths


And last, but not least, a simple skeleton wreath.  I used a foam wreath that I wrapped in black ribbon which I then pinned (glue … even hot glue did NOT work) stretchy rubber skeletons to.  It was fun to pose them in different ways around the wreath!

 Happy Haunting!

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