A Laura Craft: Yarn Wreaths with Felt Roses

I love to craft.  It was instilled in me by my amazing and crafty mom.

I love the process of crafting … the finding an inspiration, the gathering of materials, the ability to engage in the act of crafting hands on, the thinking about who the craft is for and how it’s impacting the process and product, the reflection on my internal commentary (“is it good enough?”), the satisfaction of the completion, and sharing the craft with others.  I find it a wonderful way to help Fill My Own Bucket (see previous post, here) … to find balance for myself in my world filled of taking care of others.  And I would like to share this love with you.

So, without further ado, I bring to you my first installment of “A Laura Craft” (not to be confused with Lara Croft!) …

The very first thing I pinned on Pinterest was a yarn wreath.  I was drawn to it by a friend, and fellow crafty Dr. Mom (in fact, that’s her blog, Crafty Dr. Mom).  I loved it’s simplicity and style.  So, I decided to make them as Christmas presents for all the woman that are close to me.  Each wreath took me just under an hour to make (of course, not usually in one sitting … I do have 2 young kids!)  … and, get this, less than $3 to make!  Here’s how …

I took this idea, of using foam insulation from Home Depot from The Penny Parlor.  I used the smaller size diameter, because the larger size did not form into a circle well.  I cut each tube in half and then duct taped the ends together to make a circle.

I then wrapped the wreath in yarn. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn that comes in small 120 yard skeins. Each wreath took just over half of one of those small skeins of yarn … found that out the hard way of running out of yarn on the second wreath of that color just an inch shy of completion!  …

Like my friend Craft Dr. Mom (mentioned earlier in this post), I LOVED the smoothness of the yarn-wrapped wreath.  There is something very sensory-pleasing with creating these!!!

So, after each wreath was wrapped in yarn, I decorated them by making felt roses … also fun and simple.  You just take a piece of felt, cut a circle (it doesn’t even have to be a nice symmetrical even circle … which is good because my cutting skills stink!, cut the circle into a spiral, and then starting with the outer edge, roll the felt up!  It makes a cute little rose!

Here are my Yarn Wrapped Wreaths with Felt Roses …



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Laura Hutchison

Laura Hutchison (aka PlayDrMom) is a chubby kid turned competitive figure skater tween turned high school pom pon girl turned MSU Spartan turned grad student turned Mrs. HutcH turned Dr. turned Mom. She adores living in the Mitten, is addicted to Diet Coke, and firmly believes that ice cream is a main food group.

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  1. CraftyDrMom

    Wow! Those are some gorgeous wreaths! I can’t believe how many you made – and how quickly. Love the creativity and individuality of each one… surely suited to the recipient. ( :

  2. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum

    Gorgeous wreaths – I’ve never made one but you’ve inspired me to. Will go and hunt out some plumbers tubing now 😀

    Thank you for linking to Made with Love

  3. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam

    Wow! Those are beautiful! Do you plan to rotate out each wreath depending on the season or give them as gifts to someone lucky?

  4. Laura

    Thanks so much, ladies! Rebekah … I made each of them for someone specific and matched it to their decor. They were all Christmas gifts. Funny that I have yet to make one for my ONE house!

  5. Debbie

    I love the yarn wreaths on Pinterest. The roses scare me. Im afraid to even try and make them. Im a bit of a perfectionist and not very patient 😉 I host a Tuesday Pinterest Inspiration party and its open till Sunday. I would love for you to link up 🙂

  6. Laura

    Debbie … they are really simple and hard to mess up. I can’t cut straight (just look at the photos!) … but no matter how I cut them they still turn out super cute! Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!

  7. Diane

    Hi I really love this idea and just had a couple of questions before I tried tackling this, how do the ends of yarn hold into place and the same question for the roses. What do you use to secure them with?


  8. Laura

    Diane … I tied a knot with the yarn and then just started wrapping it around the wreath. If I ran out of yarn, I just simply tied the ends together and kept wrapping. Once the wreath was completely wrapped I tied the end of the yarn too. I just tucked the ends under the yarn on the back of the wreath. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the felt roses on the yarn wrapped wreath. It’s super easy and fun! I’m glad you are giving it a try!

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