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Make Stretch Putty … having fun with ALEX Toys

Last week I shared the fun the kids and I had Creating Tape Town from a super cool kit that ALEX Toys sent us to review.  This week I have another great kit to share “Make Stretch Putty” … Everything you

Creating Tape Town … having fun with ALEX toys

A few weeks ago I received some complimentary products from ALEX toys so that I could review them here on my blog.  WOOT!  The kids and I had a terrific time with them!  The first toy we would like to share

Using Water Beads in Play Therapy

When I entered into the blogging world in the summer of 2011 I was first introduced to the world of water beads.  An amazing substance of gel-like beads that grow or shrink depending how much water they are with … wonderful

Playful Pranks for April Fools Fun

I’ve always enjoyed having some fun with pranks on the first of April.  The first one I remember was calling my great-grandmother and telling her to run out to her front porch quickly because we had heard on the news that

SnOw MUCH FUN!!! … round up of PlayDrMom’s snow posts

I haven’t lived anywhere else than Michigan, so SNOW has always been a part of my life (at least for 1/4 of the year!).  Unlike many others, I really enjoy snow (except driving in a lot of it).  Here’s a round

Bring it Inside! – exploring snow indoors

Snow starting falling where we live right on the Winter Solstice (December 21).  It melted but made a beautiful return on Christmas Eve … and we’ve had snow on the ground ever since.  My kids were SO excited to go outside

Fabulous Fall Fun

Remember that post I did at the beginning of summer … 40 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer with your Kids?  Well, it inspired me to create a photo collage for fall.  Here’s some ideas ways to have fabulous fall fun with your

Painting ROCKS!

One early evening my kids and the neighborhood kids (we’re very lucky to have 2 families with kids around the same age right next door and behind us) were all playing in our combined backyards.  The seemed ready for a new

Create a Simple Outdoor Music Play Area

I’ve seen lots of great ideas on Pinterest on ways to create music areas for outside …  and I wanted to give it a shot. Here’s our SUPER SIMPLE Outdoor Music Play Area … Like I said, SUPER SIMPLE.  I hung

40 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids

I was going through old photos of the kids playing during the summer and found 40 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids.  Happy Summer Solstice to all!        

So Many Ways to Play with Playdough … Part 2

With the challenge of the Playdough Pledge I was inspired to bring out different items to introduce into our playdough play! I put out feathers, toothpicks, sequins, pompoms, bottle caps, and pipe cleaners with our regular mix of playdough play items!

Homemade Playdough: A Rainbow of Kool-Aid Colors

If you read Monday’s post (So Many Ways to Play with Playdough) or Tuesday’s post (Playdough in Play Therapy) you might have noticed that we took the Playdough Pledge this week. It’s an online playdate hosted by Nurturestore, The Imagination Tree, and Sun Hats