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So Many Ways to Play with Play Dough

This is a real (not staged) photo I took of my daughter, Honor, over a year ago.  She actually did fall asleep in play dough while playing … don’t worry I was right there observing, making sure she could breathe before

PlayDrMom’s 2012 Summer Bucket List

The kids still have a couple weeks of school left.  Summer solstice isn’t until June 20.  But this weekend, this long holiday weekend … I believe to be the START OF SUMMER! Last summer was the first summer our family had

Honor’s Princess Party

My daughter, Honor has a great love for EVERYthing princess!  So, it was no contest to decide what theme her 3rd birthday party would be.  I had such a fun time planning this joyful event! The Invitations I was thinking about

What We Did During Screen-Free Week

Wow!  That week was NOT at all what I expected.  I thought it was going to be hard … for the kids and for me, most especially for me when I needed to get things done and didn’t have a screen

Egg-cellent Learning! (or … what to do with all those plastic Easter Eggs)

Have some extra plastic Easter eggs around the house?  I’m sure lots of us do this time of year.  Wondering what to do with all those plastic Easter Eggs?  Here’s a round-up of how we’ve been using ours … Number Match

St. Patrick’s Day Fun 2012

(I know this is too late for me to share these ideas for THIS year, but just think of it for extremely early preparation for next year’s celebration of the Irish!) The fun (and overwhelmingness) of being in the blogging world

Shadow Play: Day 5, Rounding Up Some Shadows

So, here’s DAY 5, the final day of the Shadow Play series of posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have creating them!  Since I’ve been posting about our shadow play this week, I also wanted to include

Shadow Play: Day 3, What’s that Shadow? game

Another fun game we’ve been playing lately is a guessing game with photographs of interesting shadows. I take the pictures and have the kids guess what the shadow is of.  Henry, my 5 year old, really enjoys this game. Here are

Shadow Play: Day 1, SHADOW HUNT

Ever since Groundhog’s Day we’ve been talking about shadows.  Honor (age 2 1/2) asked her big brother, Henry (almost 6), “What’s a shadow?”  He responded, “You know, that dark thing that looks just like you and follows you everywhere.” That honest

DIY Gel Boards … and Kids Co-Op LINKY

When I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest from Chasing Cheerios (could that blog name be any cuter?!?)  … I JUST had to give it a try.  DIY gel boards for fun, mess-free, sensory play … perfect for practicing pre-writing skills

Valentine’s Party 2012

Yesterday, I posted our table decorations (Valentine Votives) for the evening family Valentine’s Party for the preschool that my mom is the director of (that my son is an alum from … that my daughter is a current tot class student

Mystery Bag … part of TinkerLab’s Paper Bag Challenge!

When I told Henry about participating in TinkerLab’s Paper Bag challenge, he immediately had an idea.  “I know, we should make it into a Mystery Bag!”   The “Mystery Box” has been a school favorite activity for him since he did