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Heart Attack!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we (my family) are participating in the 100 Acts of Kindness project put together by Toddler Approved.  The project is challenging everyone to perform 100 Acts of Kindness between January 16th and February 14th

Fakin’ It (snow that is)

Today, January 31st, it is 50 degrees in MICHIGAN.  It’s been freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw all month.  So, what’s a native Michigan mom to do when there isn’t very much snow in mid-January?  MAKE IT! I got this fabulous idea from Make Do &

Fun Fizzy Eruptions

 So, what happens when you add vinegar to baking soda?  Small fun fizzy eruptions!!! Add food coloring to the vinegar for even MORE fun. Hover over the photos for step by step instructions and comments!   I found this idea from

Glow-in-the-Dark Bath-time Fun

Glow sticks in the bathtub!  Why not!  I got this idea a few months ago from another blogger (You’ll Thank Me One Day – Glow Bath)  And the kids just so happened to get Glow Sticks in their stocking this year

Duck Toss

Have any of those fun rubber ducks laying around?  We have several sets … including Halloween and Thanksgiving ones.  And other than them being a cute table decoration and/or give away at a party, we invented a fun, easy game with

DIY Light Box

I LOVED this simple idea from  light box | happy hooligans, so I had to try it out. My dear hubby found the light (and got 2) on one of his many trips to Home Depot.  And I found a simple plastic

Rock Stacking Challenge

I’ve seen this idea lots of places … and I finally had the opportunity to challenge the kids to this activity while we were on vacation last week. With Honor, my 2 year old, I showed her a simple example and


Here are 5 Scavenger Hunts to enjoy with your kids! Outdoor Scavenger Hunt We tried this one out that “Hands On: As We Grow” designed. It was a nice short one for my 5 year old son to complete quickly one

Funky Colander Art

I saw this in another blog post (but I can’t remember or find which one), but it was super easy and kept my 2 year old busy by herself for about 15 minutes! (yahoo!)  It was also great practice for her

Henry’s Angry Bird Video

My son, Henry, LOVES Angry Birds.  The video is a compilation of SOME of the Angry Bird videos we created of SOME of the Angry Bird play he has done in the last month or so.  The editing and creation of


We had a themed playdate yesterday!  IT WAS DINOTASTIC!  6 kids 6 & under enjoyed dino crafts, dino food, dino books, dino excavation, & dino imaginary play. Before our friends came, I set up my crazy flowered craft tablecloth and got