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Princess Honor’s Favorite Princess Books

My daughter LOVES princesses.  Anything and everything to do with princesses.  She is well-known (on this blog and in real life) for regularly wearing a princess dress … or at least clothes with princesses on them.  With that being her passion

“I Dressed Myself” … (aka Coping with Your Child’s Independence)

I’m not sure where I got this idea from originally.  I know it was before I even had kids … maybe from a play therapy conference, supervision, book, or parenting magazine.  But I KNEW that it would someday come in handy.

Girly Letters for My Daughter’s Room

We moved last October.  In our previous house my son and daughter shared a room.  So lately I have been having fun creating unique spaces for both of them.  My daughter, Honor Elizabeth (2 1/2),  believes she is a princess and

DIY Simple Barrette Organizer

I remember growing up having a wonderful collection of ribbons and barrettes.  The barrettes were always proudly displayed hanging on a pastel rainbow ribbon on the back of the bathroom door.  And, now that my own daughter is starting her own

Paper Tube Castle

This Paper Tube Castle was a super fun, easy activity that the kids and I did over the course of a day.  I got the idea from my crafty cousin who says she saw it in a craft book for kids