Paper Tube Castle

This Paper Tube Castle was a super fun, easy activity that the kids and I did over the course of a day.  I got the idea from my crafty cousin who says she saw it in a craft book for kids (sorry, we’re not sure which one).

It’s easy to adapt this project from things around the house … but the main “supply” is paper tubes.  I used toilet paper, paper towel, and gift wrap rolls and cut them into various lengths.  Then the kids painted the tubes with washable watercolor and poster paint. They started off with brushes, but quickly found that rolling the tubes on the paint splattered mat that I had down was more gratifying!  In the meantime, I made paper cones and flags out of paper and toothpicks.  When the paint was dry, I used a hot glue gun to gun the paper cones on the “towers”, glue the flags on the cones, and glued the towers together to make one castle.

My two year old then had fun putting the finishing touches on!

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Laura Hutchison

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  1. sharon

    I love the picture of the sweet little girl concentrating oh her beautiful craft project.

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