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Introducing “Home sweet home” – Happy Holidays in Happy Homes (a collaborative parenting series)

I am SO excited to introduce a new upcoming HAPPY PARENTING – series! Me and my blogging buddies Solgave & Angelique Magic of Play want to bring you in the mood for Happy Holidays in a Happy Home. Not because

PlayDrMom’s favorite children’s books on SOCIAL SKILLS

There are SO many great children’s books out there … and so many of them can be used to teach children how to treat others with care and concern, to be a better friend, and to help them navigate a variety

PlayDrMom’s favorite children’s books about ANXIETY

Anxiety continues to be one of the top reasons for parents to bring their children into therapy. Our world is continually filled with unknowns and ever-growing pressures that is no wonder why are kids are filled with doubt and uncertainty as

This Plus That: Customized Task Sheets for Kids

It’s been a struggle since the school year began … how to get Henry to accomplish the tasks he needs to do after school.  Especially when I’m not there to supervise. This year marks a first for us.  The first year

Utilizing the books of Amy Krouse Rosenthal as Parenting & Therapeutic resources

I wasn’t familiar with the Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books before exploring her work during the Virtual Book Club for Kids this month.  After reading through every title by her that I could get at my public library I recognized that many

Playful Activities to Help Kids Learn about Feelings

I feel that one of my most important tasks as a play therapist (and a mom) is to help children understand, cope with, and express their feelings.  In my 13 years of working therapeutically with children I have come across a

Books That Can Help Children Grieve

To those that lost loved ones on this day, September 11 … eleven years ago … my heart and thoughts go out to you.  May you continue to find support and love through your lifelong process of grief. Grief and loss

When Potty Training is Difficult … part of the “We Get It” parenting series

I’ve received lots of requests to blog about potty training … but it’s taken me a really long time to sit down and write this post.  The road of potty training my son (now 6) has been long and bumpy …

Princesses Don’t Wear Socks … Reasons Why You Should Listen To Your Kids

Let me start out by reminding you about my 3 year old daughter, Honor.  She’s the one always wearing the princess clothes … The one that had a Princess Birthday Party … She has no doubt that she IS a princess.

Promoting Positive Behavior

As a parent and a child psychologist I firmly believe in focusing on reinforcing positive behaviors … as opposed to punishing negative ones.  This stems from my knowledge of what behaviorists have studied about human behavior … AND my first hand experience

40 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids

I was going through old photos of the kids playing during the summer and found 40 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids.  Happy Summer Solstice to all!        

Keepsake Questions to ask kids on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, … or ANYDAY

A few years back I found this list of questions that are terrific as keepsake questions to ask kids on a Facebook note (if anyone knows the original source, PLEASE let me know!). What is something mom/dad always says to you?