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Upcycled DIY Dandelion Vase

… and a lot of these? You make an … Like most kids my sweeties are always picking wildflowers and giving me bunches of them.  I saw this cute idea from the Red Chair blog on Pinterest and just had to

Make a Milk Jug Fairy House!

My daughter, Honor (age 3), and I had a wonderful time together transforming a gallon milk jug into a fairy house for our ever-developing fairy garden. I had Honor cut out rectangles from a foam sheet and then took those to

Upcycle an Egg Carton for Spring

I remember having fun making flowers out of egg cartons when I was little, so I decided to introduce the project to my daughter. All you need is an egg carton and pipe cleaners.  I cut out the individual egg pieces.

Simple Snowman

  Isn’t he cute? We haven’t had a lot of snow around here until the last day or so, but earlier in the month my son, Henry (age 5), and I made this one.  I just took a tin can …