Glitter Fireworks

So, yesterday I was able to cross off one more item from our Summer Bucket List!  I got to take the kids to my absolute favorite firework display at my hometown.  Then, today, we made some Glitter Fireworks!

I decided to do the craft after we went to see the fireworks so that they would be fresh in their memory.  Especially for my two year old who had never seen them before!  I helped both of them (only when they asked … being a FIRM believer in child-directed art and play) create the firework design that they wanted.  Henry wanted to model his picture after the finale of the fireworks!!!

We used Elmer’s Glue, leftover glitter, cardstock paper, and a cardboard palette (from soda cans) for a glitter tray.  It was a fun and messy time for us to create together!

Happy 4th of July from PlayDrMom!!!

 I was reminded about this crafting idea from … Let’s Kids Create: 4th of July Fireworks

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