White Christmas Mix: a sweet (& addictive) treat

I’ve been making this recipe … and giving it as a holiday gift … since I was in High School.  It’s come to the point that when I don’t make it in mass quantities to give away each year friends and relatives are upset!  So, it’s a holiday tradition for me to make my White Christmas Mix each year.

It’s been called a bunch of different names – I believe that originally the recipe name was “Fun Party Mix” on the back of a Chex cereal box.  But my family has called it “Christmas Trash” – because it’s a WHOLE bunch of junk mixed together.  And they have called it “Christmas Crack” – because it’s just that addictive.  Whatever you want to call it … it is amazingly yummy and pretty simple to make.  Which is great because you can always enlist the kids to help out too!  Here’s the recipe and shopping list (feel free to click on and print!):

PlayDrMom's White Christmas mix recipe


PlayDrMom's white christmas mix shopping list

Since it is a very simplistic recipe and easy to put together, creating different variations to meet dietary restrictions and preferences is pretty easy.  For example, if you can’t have peanuts … leave them out!  This year we made a gluten-free version for our neighbors by excluding the Wheat Chex, Cheerios, and pretzels and substituting more Corn & Rice Chex.

Over the years I’ve mixed it up a bit on the containers I give the White Christmas Mix away in, such as:

  • plastic Christmas themed containers from the Dollar Store
  • generic plastic containers with a bow
  • a gallon or quart size baggie with a homemade cardstock topper
  • and this year … a mason jar topped with a Christmas cupcake liner

PlayDrMom's White Christmas Mix

I hope you and yours enjoy it just as much as our family does!  Happy Holidays!

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