Celebrating A New Life: The Twelve Gifts of Birth “Sprinkle”

Nothing is more magical than life … creating life, nurturing life, bringing a new life into the world.  I think it is essential to celebrate these moments and the women involved.

Last weekend I threw a small shower (we called it a “sprinkle”) for my cousin.  She is pregnant with her second child and although she didn’t need a lot of baby gear, I wanted to celebrate her pregnancy and the new baby boy that is soon to be here.

I used the book, “The Twelve Gifts of Birth” by Charlene Costanzo as a theme for the shower.  It is a beautiful book that talks about the blessings we all inherit in life (love, beauty, joy, reverence, imagination, strength, courage, hope, talent, compassion, wisdom, and faith).  As each guest RSVP’ed I gave them one of the 12 gifts to tie into their gift for Meg &/or the baby. (hover your mouse over the photo to see the title/”gift”)

The party was filled with laughter and tears … from the powerful thoughts, messages, and gifts that were present that afternoon.  Along with the gifts, we presented her with a rock with each of the gifts written on it for her to hold and treasure before, during, and after the baby comes.

Each guest left with a candle.  We will start a phone chain to notify each other when my cousin goes into labor to light these candles in a special way to be “with” her during the birth!

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Laura Hutchison

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